My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Whitney Way Thore Addresses Weight Loss Surgery Rumors

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Whitney Way Thore Addresses Weight Loss Surgery Rumors My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore has fascinated fans from the very first day of her TLC reality TV show.

Thore wanted to prove that life as a “big fat” girl can become, well, fabulous! From using her dance skills to create classes for women of all sizes and shapes to hopping on the lifestyle fashion bandwagon, Whitney has carried out her mission.

Recently, though, Whitney surprised viewers of My Big Fat Fabulous Life by discussing the possibility of weight loss surgery. Now her Instagram followers have sought to revisit that discussion.

Get the skinny on the upcoming season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life plus whether Whitney Way Thore has undergone weight loss surgery! We’ve even got the video showing her original discussion of that procedure! 

Whitney Way Thore Talks New Season Of My Big Fat Fabulous Life On Instagram: How Fans Respond

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star often uses her Instagram to share news about her show. And recently, Whitney Way Thore thrilled her followers by spilling the tea on the upcoming season on her social media platform!

With her legs crossed as she held onto her tennis shoes, Whitney smiled in the photo. The Big Fat Fabulous star wears tie-dyed fitness pants and a black sports bra in the picture.

Thore shared the news about when season 9 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life will debut. 

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Whitney Way Thore Addresses Weight Loss Surgery Rumors

“NEW SEASON✨ of My Big Fat Fabulous Life on Tuesday, August 17th at 9/8c on TLC! “ gushed Thore. “Tag your besties who are gonna watch with you! Thanks for sticking with us all these years.”

Whitney also admitted her delight at beginning season 9, with a hat tip to her shoes.

“I can’t believe this is season 9! (Also, these salutation joggers from @athleta are everything).”

Fans expressed delight at the news. 

“I liked this pic without reading the caption and now I just read the caption and I could cry,” wrote one excited My Big Fat Fabulous Life follower.

And several fans wished Whitney much happiness. Thore recently suffered after her engagement ended. She also had hoped for a baby. 

“Love you ❤️ want you to be happy wife and mother,” wrote another. 

But some of the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star’s followers ignored the new season news to focus on what they thought was missing from her Instagram pic: What about her weight loss surgery? 

Keep reading to get the answer! 

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star To Undergo Weight Loss Surgery? [Video]

Shows such as My 600-Lb Life and 1000-Lb Sisters have emphasized the importance of weight loss for the obese stars. Such shows have used weight loss surgery as the motivating carrot to encourage the stars to diet and exercise to qualify for such surgery. 

At one point on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, viewers saw Whitney Way Thore considering weight loss surgery. The consideration followed Whitney’s discovery that Chase had cheated on her. 

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star then talked with her friend Buddy about the possibility of having weight loss surgery. In a heartbreaking moment, Whitney wanted to know if Chase might have stayed true to her if she had been thinner. 

Whitney has always felt like her weight didn’t have to define her success in life. That moment where she considered weight loss surgery, therefore, felt all the more real.

And fans wondered if Thore would go forth and undergo the procedure.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star’s Instagram Followers Ask If Whitney Had Weight Loss Surgery

On Instagram, followers of Whitney have repeatedly followed up on her discussion of weight loss surgery. Previous photos of Thore, such as one where she was wearing a flowing dress, caused some to think that she had undergone the procedure. 

But despite those rumors, the newest picture of Whitney caused some to question what had happened to her plan. 

“Well i see u didn’t go through with the surgery,” wrote one Instagram follower. “I hope you can get healthy whichever way you end up choosing Whitney.”

And another expressed concern that Thore had actually gained weight, impacting her health.

“Too bad [about not having weight loss surgery],” wrote the fan. “She looks even bigger and I’m worried the world is going to lose a good person far too soon.”

What Will Season 9 Of My Big Fat Fabulous Life Reveal?

In season 9 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, fans will see Whitney spending time on her fitness business. She hopes to earn her personal training certification.

We all love Thore’s parents, but the upcoming season will reveal health concerns for her mother. And will the entire family get vaccinated to emerge from the shadows of the pandemic?

Check back on our site for all your pre-season 9 premiere updates featuring My Big Fat Fabulous Life!  

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