Return to Amish Spoilers: Cast Members Shun Mary & Rebecca Schmucker

Return to Amish Spoilers: Cast Members Shun Mary & Rebecca SchmuckerReturn To Amish spoilers and updates reveal cast members seem to be giving Mary Schmucker and Rebecca Schmucker the cold shoulder. The two have left the show a few seasons ago and fans wondered if their fellow castmates kept in touch.

No Contact Since They Left The Show

When asked if they still had communication with the other cast members, namely Sabrina Burkholder and Kate Stoltz, Rebecca revealed that she didn’t stay in touch with either of them. She made it clear that she had no reason to do so. Fans may recall that Rebecca wasn’t on good terms with the two when she left the show.

The same goes for Mary. She hasn’t talked to either Sabrina or Kate since she left. She found it difficult to keep in touch since she felt that they had their own lives to live after filming the show. She has decided to draw a line between her home life and business life. She has no reason to spend time with them and become close friends.

But Mary said that she gave Kate her phone number after the show finished. However, Kate never called her so she assumed that Kate didn’t want to talk to her. Mary had no way to contact Kate and didn’t force or oblige her to communicate. She made it clear that even though they don’t speak to each other, it doesn’t mean that they don’t like one another. She likes both Kate and Sabrina but they just lack communication.

Return to Amish Spoilers: Cast Members Shun Mary & Rebecca Schmucker

Rebecca Kept in Contact With Jeremiah

Rebecca feels the same way, too. She blamed the lack of communication between her, Sabrina, and Kate. They haven’t reached out to ask how she’s doing but even so, it doesn’t mean that she has ill feelings toward them. If there’s someone who Rebecca kept in touch with, it’s Jeremiah Raber. She said he made an effort to contact her and check in on how she’s doing, which she really appreciates.

Rebecca had a special bond with Jeremiah even back when she was still with the show. They spent time together off-camera and even after work hours. The two reconnected a few months back when Jeremiah took a trip to visit Rebecca and Abe Schmucker. Rebecca and her husband were happy to see Jeremiah and appreciated his effort to visit, especially since they don’t get to see each other as often as they want to.

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