Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: The Winder Family Not PLEASED How TLC Portrays Them

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: The Winder Family Not PLEASED How TLC Portrays ThemSeeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that the Winder family is feeling pretty differently about the way TLC has portrayed them on the show. There have been many rumors that the family may leave the show, but they have yet to say that is their choice. They did tell fans that their experience on the show was an “interesting” one, but they haven’t called it quits yet.

The Family’s Experiences on Seeking Sister Wife

When the Winders joined the show, they really just wanted to show people what their polygamous lifestyle was all about. They wanted to let them in on different parts of their lives and it didn’t even seem as if they were trying to find a new wife yet. Colton and Tami Winder ended up with Sophie and they started a life together. They wanted to have more children, but Tami was having some issues conceiving.

When the fertility issues came up, that is when they decided that another wife may be able to help the situation. They met a woman named Kimberley in North Carolina who seemed to be into the idea of being their second wife. She ended up coming to visit them, but things didn’t go the way that they had planned.

A New Wife?

When the Winders met Kimberley face to face, they liked her, but it was all up to Colton to see if they made a connection. Colton didn’t feel a romantic connection and felt that she was not right for their family after all. It was heartbreaking, but he didn’t get a good feeling about her joining the family. The Winders just continue to pray that Tami will be able to have a baby and soon.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: The Winder Family Not PLEASED How TLC Portrays Them

The Winders have been active on social media lately and they wanted their fans to know that they will consider being on another season of Seeking Sister Wife. They wanted their fans to know that the rumors were not true, but they do have more projects to work on currently.

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