Sister Wives Christine Brown’s Reactions To Kody Reveal Polygamy SHOCKERS!

Sister Wives Christine Brown's Reactions To Kody Reveal Polygamy SHOCKERS!Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and his wives focused at explaining their polygamy lifestyles in the first few seasons. As a result, fans began to want more details about each star’s personality and home life. 

And Sister Wives has come through. Fans have learned more about Kody and his four wives: Robyn, Christine, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown. 

But not all Sister Wives stars seem to get equal attention in the media. As the ultimate patriarch, Kody tends to take the starring role. Next up: Robyn, followed by Janelle and Meri. 

However, when Sister Wives REALLY want to understand how the polygamy lifestyle affects the stars, we think Christine’s response to Kody reveals it best. Read on to find out why. 

How Did Christine Brown Become A Sister Wife?

First, let’s look at what Sister Wives has revealed about one of Kody’s wives, Christine Brown. Her parents, Rex Allred and Ruthann LeBaron, practiced polygamy.

That childhood made Christine much more accepting of polygamy than the average person. Moreover, the Sister Wives star has described her parents as ideal polygamists who maintained a dream marriage.

Kody Brown first met Christine when he took on the role of chaperone for a youth wilderness trek. Christine also formed a friendship with his wife Meri Brown.

And then, illustrating how shocking the polygamy way of life may seem to outsiders, Christine decided it was appropriate to go from a friendship with the couple to a relationship with Kody. Moreover, keep reading to see what her father said about the potential for his daughter to enter into a polygamy marriage!

Sister Wives Christine Brown's Reactions To Kody Reveal Polygamy SHOCKERS!

Christine Brown Reflects Polygamy Upbringing In SHOCKING Revelation About WHY She Married Kody Brown!

What Christine revealed about the beginning of her relationship with Kody contains one bombshell after another. 

First up: What her father said, based on his own experience as a polygamist.

“I talked to my Dad first – he had wanted me to marry Kody for years, so he heartily agreed,” Christine revealed. 

As for when Kody asked her on a date AFTER she had become acquainted with his wife Meri? That event occurred when he was traveling with yet another wife, Janelle!

“Kody officially asked about me on Valentine’s Day of 1994. That weekend he came to town with Janelle and we went out on our first date and he proposed,” recalled Christine.

Christine and Kody Brown tied the knot in a spiritual marriage in 1994. The marriage turned Christine into Kody’s third wife, following Meri and Janelle.

Sister Wives Christine Brown's Reactions To Kody Reveal Polygamy SHOCKERS!

How Does Christine Brown Feel About Her Ranking As Kody Brown’s Third Wife?

For those who think that Christine might feel jealous of Kody Brown’s other wives, she has denied any such emotions.

“I wanted the family, I didn’t just want the man,” insisted Christine.

Based on her polygamy upbringing, Kody Brown’s third wife added, “So I only ever wanted to be a third. I never wanted to be a first, at all, and then I didn’t want to be a second because I felt like, because I didn’t want to be married to a guy by myself. They were a little wedge in the relationship, and I didn’t want to be the wedge. I only ever wanted to be a third, because it sounded the easiest.”

Sister Wives Fans Respond To Christine Brown

On the Sister Wives fan page, viewers of the reality TV show often praise Christine.

“You seem such a nice genuine person,” wrote one fan to Christine.

But that same person expressed concern about her relationship with Kody Brown.

“What did you ever see in Kody? He is everything I would not, and could not have a relationship with!”

Others agreed, with one fan writing, “You are my favorite… i wouldn’t want to move in with all those ladies either.. keep it up girl!”

And on Reddit, a fan poll revealed that the majority of Sister Wives viewers want to see the focus on Christine. Fans hope to see more of her relationship with Kody, including the possibility of a move to Utah. 

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Sister Wives right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

  1. Donna M. Stiffler says

    I watch your show. Just to try to understand. I watched Meri get hurt over and over again. I think he is cruel to her. Even tho she excepted each wife. To be a sister wife with her. Jamelle is strong and she gets it. Cool lady. Christine just is pretty but gets jealous kind and wasn’t bad until Roby came along. Kody turned his attention on her and showed off for her started ignoring the others . Even tho the others were faithful for YEARS. Robyn who has been divorced and had other children. Stepped in and took over. He fell all over himself. I don’t think he is nice. Says stupid things. Hurtful things. Kicked Meri to the curb. He fought everyone to have this life lots of sex to have all these kids. Now treats them all badly. He will answer to God for his actions. Now Robyn gets everything she wants . And the others I would leave him. God would forgive them and they could easy find a real man to love them. And one who doesn’t think he is all that. Stuck in himself. I liked him at first but no more dies he even have a job? It looks like except Robyn are worth more.. plus Meri gave up her title for you stupid.. you treated her badly. And that is why she us so hurt.

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  4. Nordahmae says

    I think that all of the 4 wives should kick him to the road . The way he has treated them and verbal abuse from him ,there is no way I would take that from any man period. Kody you need to get over yourself ,get a real job stop living off the four ladies, you use them as your slaves Wake up Kody they are not your slaves or keeper and know you are tired of them so your looking for a fifth wife to support your bad habits and mistreatment,till you get tired of her to.

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