The Bold and the Beautiful Leak: B&B Actor Advocating For A New Partner On Show

The Bold and the Beautiful Leak: B&B Actor Advocating For A New PartnerThe Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers tease that not all is wine and roses for one actor on the CBS soap. According to our CBS insider, one actor is done with his character’s ongoing romantic relationship and would like exec’s to put a fork in it.

Who is voicing displeasure with the status quo and would like to move on?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Thorsten Kaye is Ready to Move On?

Our inside source is spilling that the character of Ridge Forrester as played by Thorsten Kaye has seen better days romantically and many fans would agree that Bridge is boring. If not boring, than played out. All one has to do is check out social media to find oodles of comments wishing that Brook Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge be mothballed already.

What do they ever talk about other than his derelict son (in her opinion)?

Brooke Forrester Does Not Like Thomas Forrester

Currently Bridge are in their 54th round of arguing the merits of Ridge’s son Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) walking the same earth that her angelic daughter Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) inhabits.

They have certainly been there and done that, and many fans would like to see Ridge back with Shauna “Showgirl” Fulton (Denise Richards). Our source spills that while Kaye respects and likes Lang, he thinks the onscreen pairing of their characters has gone the distance and it is time for both to move on.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: What Happens Next in LA?

Specifically, our source hints that the actor would like to see his character explore his options with Shauna. These two characters are dynamite together, as a past flirtation and one bogus marriage proves.

There is a lot that can be explored with Shridge. For starters, she played a deceitful part in his breakup with Brooke. Yet he was undeniably attracted to the vivacious showgirl and these two spent a time to remember on a drunken binge in Vegas. Who can forget Shauna hauling the fashion designer scion off to the strip mall where she used to work?

Shridge is a gold mine waiting to be exploited. No one can get stoic Ridge drunk and giddy like Shauna can! What do you think B&B fans, would you like to see Ridge loosen his tie and get his groove on with Shauna?

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  2. Minnie says

    Ridge needs to be reunited with Taylor.

    1. Jane Bishop says

      If he goes with shauna I’m not watching this show ever again

    2. Sandy says

      That would really be awesome. If Brooke had lo left them alone and TPTB hadn’t killed her off (not once, but twice) I think they would have done ok. I guess that wouldn’t have brought much drama, but I always did wish that they would have stayed together. Brooke even pretended to be pregnant at one point and “pretended ” to have a miscarriage. How disgusting!

      1. tracy hurley says

        Who does he think he is. He should leave how many people has he been with since he started. Really it’s not as though he’s been there for years like as long as the only 2 original cast members. Be right ditching a older wife to probably young or easy females. If I was Brooke take him to the cleaners.

  3. joan oconnell says

    Thorsten Kaye needs to leave the show. He never could act his way out of a paper bag. Granted, he is better than Ron Moss was but not much. Brooke needs to find a new man either Eric(which would kill Quinn ) or someone completely new.

  4. Sharon says

    Never have been a fan of Thorsten Kaye, especially as Ridge Forrester. He cannot hold a candle to Ronn Moss. Ronn is classy and handsome, two of many qualities Thorsten lacks. Greasy hair, unshaven are not conducive to an elegant Forrester man. I can’t believe he was the best choice to replace Ronn!!!!!

    1. Debbie says

      I agree 100% His gravely voice drives me crazy and he is so short Rom Moss was the best Ridge so far and this one needs to go

  5. Janet McNeill says

    Im so glad thatthe actor realized that ridge and brook has ran there course let brook be with eric since she is always in his busines

  6. Sandy Roney says

    I would love for Ridge and Shauna to get back together. Brooke deserves to be thrown to the curb.

  7. Jody says

    I hate Shauna, Flo and Quinn. Send the three of them back to Vegas. Eric needs back with Donna. Ridge needs back with Taylor.

  8. Jill says

    Brooke and Ridge belong together and should be the future family matriarch and patriarch. Brooke needs to get over her issues with Thomas for Ridge’s sake. Ridge is too old to be playing an immature, sloppy drunk. It’s not a good look on him. I think Shauna should be with Eric. They have a great friendship and chemistry. Plus it would drive Quinn crazy turning her back into evil Quinn.

  9. Jackie says

    Ridge finally needs to tell Brooke bye bye. She’s such a hypocrite. He needs to be with fun Shauna. Take her on an adventure.

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