What Happened to Jana Duggar’s Business, Arbor Acres?

 What Happened to Jana Duggar’s Business, Arbor Acres?Counting On star Jana Duggar previously revealed she was working on opening her own small business, Arbor Acres. The Duggars talked about it briefly on the show. Now, critics of the family are wondering what happened to her business.

What has the Duggar family shared about Jana’s business?

Very little information was shared about Arbor Acres. When the family first discussed Jana’s plans on the show, the business was still in the works, so they didn’t have much information to give.

It looks like Jana opened her business, Arbor Acres Group, with the state of Arkansas in 2019. The website read, “We are passionate about finding beauty in our surroundings, gathering people together, and all things creative. We hope this becomes one of your favorite destinations for ideas that make you excited about life and all the good it has to offer! Stay tuned.” She also created an Instagram page for her business.

Since the paperwork was signed in 2019 and the family talked about the business on Counting On, no further details have been shared. So, what happened to Jana’s small business?

Is Jana Duggar still opening her business?

So far, Jana hasn’t shared an update about her small business and whether she plans to open it. For now, it looks like she may be focusing on other things. It’s possible that she was in the process of getting her business up and running when Covid hit and she had to take a break.

 What Happened to Jana Duggar’s Business, Arbor Acres?

On Reddit, one critic shared their theory, writing, “I think this not coming of it is proof she is in a courtship. Marriage and babies is Janas top priority. If she was single, sure, create a company. But if she’s in a courtship, the company will just take time and energy from her true goal.” There are currently rumors going around that Jana is courting a man named Stephen Wissmann. While the family hasn’t confirmed or denied these rumors, it would make sense if she decided to move the business plans to the backburner.

Fans are hopeful that Jana will still launch her business. They think she’s very talented, and they would love to see what else she can do. She has documented her home decorating and renovation skills, and she also grows an impressive garden. At this point, it’s unclear what the future holds for Jana. She may be in a courtship, or she might be working on her business behind the scenes.

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