1000-LB Sisters: Did Tammy Slaton Split From Her New Boyfriend?

1000-LB Sisters: Did Tammy Slaton Split From Her New Boyfriend?1000-LB Sisters fans heard that Tammy Slaton found a new boyfriend. He featured with her on TikTok, and some TLC fans even suspected they went next level and became engaged. Meanwhile, others felt skeptical, as he previously appeared on a reality TV show. So, they thought he might be using her for more exposure. Now, fans wonder if they actually split.

1000-LB Sisters – Tammy Slaton’s New Boyfriend Came After Jerry

Recently, Tammy shared a photo of herself with her niece. TLC fans really hoped that it was an old one as she looked bigger than ever. Of course, it might have just been a throwback picture. However, others feared that she might be dating an enabler when they heard that after she dumped Jerry Sykes, she took up with a new man. In the meantime, she made her Instagram account private, so fans couldn’t ask many questions.

Word came out that the 1000-LB Sisters star found her new guy, but not much is known about him. Actually, he uses the account name of thebbwking on TikTok. However, his first name, Phillip came out. Fans hated the idea of them dating because he likes large women. So naturally, he might not be the ideal mate for the morbidly obese TLC star.

Bad Relationship Possibly Ended for 1000-LB Sisters Star

More news came from Cheatsheet who reported that Phillip previously starred with his brother on Dr. Phil. His brother hated his obsession with obese women and made bad comments about the girlfriends he took home. So, TLC fans saw some red flags there. As for Tammy, she believed she found real love – again. However, the relationship that started online in May this year might already be over.

1000-LB Sisters Did Tammy Slaton Split From Her New Boyfriend

At one stage, 1000-LB Sisters fans saw that it looked like they became engaged. That came when Phillip shared a photo of himself with Tammy Slaton. He put in emojis with hearts and rings. However recent videos on his TikTok don’t refer to her at all. In fact, he seems to be openly trying to reel in another person with obesity issues. Fans already know he likes women who weigh in at over 300 pounds.

No Tammy – Phillip Goes Fishing For New Girl?

No sign of the 1000-LB Sisters star came in the last two TikTok videos. In his most recent one this weekend, he shared a post and captioned it with, “If your (sic) a size 26 or bigger, I’m talking about you wifey.” He put rings on that as well. Meanwhile, a previous post talked about him looking for a girl who needs to “book 2 seats” on a plane.  TLC fans asked about Tammy and what happened between them. However, they never got a reply.

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