1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Wants To Share Her Diet Plan

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Wants To Share Her Diet Plan1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that Tammy Slaton is ready to share her diet plan with her fans. You may be shocked, but she has started to open up more about what she eats and how much of it she does eat. Now that she is in a rehab program, they help her to maintain her healthy eating habits and try to help her lose weight too.

Her Food Intake

When it comes to Tammy’s eating habits, she does overeat and has been open about this. Her family really hoped that the rehab center would help her maintain better eating habits. In the rehab center, Tammy is able to walk around and gets a chance to see the other patients. She is watched heavily because of her health but overall seems to enjoy the facility.

Tammy checked into the facility because of her poor health and told her fans that when she first started, she could only take 45 steps a day and now is up to about 150 steps a day! This is a huge improvement and her doctors are confident that she is doing much better than before.

The Healthier Approach

Tammy knows that her weight is a problem and if she cannot lose it, her life expectancy will be cut short. Her doctors have urged her over and over again to stop eating the way that she does. With Tammy in rehab, she is pushing through as much as she can and seems to have already lost about 20 pounds. This is a big step and one of many, we hope.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Wants To Share Her Diet Plan

She shared with fans what she has been eating and told them that she is trying to cut the sugar intake in her diet. This has been one of the hardest things for her to cut out. She is now drinking fat-free milk when she has cereal and it looks as if she is eating more protein than ever before. She is drinking diet sodas, when she gets one, and is even having toast with no butter.

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