1000-Lb Sisters Tammy Slaton Celebrates Birthday On Instagram Amid Chris Combs Rumors

1000-Lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Celebrates Birthday On Instagram Amid Chris Combs Rumors1000-Lb Sisters stars Amy Slaton Halterman and Tammy Slaton often use social media to keep their fans entertained between seasons of the popular reality TV show.

And Tammy lived up to that reputation by sharing her birthday on Instagram! But the 1000-Lb Sisters star’s birthday celebration for herself brought mixed reactions from fans.

As a result, the difference between Slaton and another 1000-Lb Sisters star, Chris Combs, has caused new rumors to swirl.

Get the skinny below.

Tammy Slaton Celebrates Birthday On Instagram

Turning to Instagram, Tammy posted her birthday announcement.

“It’s my birthday,” shared the 1000-Lb Sisters star.

Worth noting: After changing her user name from Queen Tammy, the “Queen” apparently decided NOT to demote herself. She now has taken the user name “Queen Tammy 86.”

Slaton looked sharp in her movie star eyeglasses, pouting into the camera. Scroll through and you can view Tammy from every angle.  And yes, that includes taking off her dark glasses to show off her eyes and carefully plucked eyebrows!

However, the 1000-Lb Sisters star limited the photos to her face only. Two possible reasons exist for this choice.

First, Tammy may have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Such a contract would come from TLC. In the NDA, network execs may want to keep Tammy’s weight loss or gain behind the scenes to entice viewers to watch the upcoming season.

Second, the 1000-Lb Sisters star may have gotten fed up with the negative comments about her size. Fans repeatedly criticize Tammy for failing to follow in Amy’s footsteps.

In contrast to her sister, Slaton still has not qualified for weight loss surgery. That failure follows two seasons of seeing 1000-Lb Sisters doctors and other health care professionals.

As a result, Tammy faced some negative comments about her birthday post. One Instagram follower even warned that this birthday could be Slaton’s last unless she loses weight!

1000-Lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Celebrates Birthday On Instagram Amid Chris Combs Rumors

Chris Combs Becomes Stand-Out Star On 1000-Lb Sisters

When 1000-Lb Sisters first aired, the show focused on siblings Tammy and Amy Slaton.

However, during season 2, Chris Combs increasingly become a stand-out star. As Amy’s and Tammy’s half-brother, Chris gradually played a major role on 1000-Lb Sisters.

Viewers learned that Combs felt motivated to win his weight loss wars for his wife Brittany and daughter Emily. While Chris wanted to get healthy for them, he also hoped to motivate his daughter to enhance her own well-being.

As a result of his appearance on the show, Combs earned the opportunity to qualify for weight-loss surgery. His success and determination dramatically contrasted with Tammy’s lack of motivation.

And after viewers saw Tammy GAIN rather than lose weight, some have wondered what season 3 could hold. One persistent rumor indicates that Chris could even replace Tammy as a co-star with Amy!

Be sure to check back on our site to find out if that rumor comes true! Will Tammy Slaton achieve her weight loss goals, or will Chris replace her? Get all your 1000-Lb Sisters news and updates here!

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