Bringing Up Bates Spoilers: Will UP Cancel It?

Bringing Up Bates Spoilers: Will TLC Cancel It?Bringing Up Bates spoilers reveal that fans of the UP show are concerned that it could be canceled just as Counting On was. Counting On was canceled shortly after the news of Josh Duggar’s arrest hit the world. The Bates family is much like the Duggar family and they are even really good friends with them. This is why some fans are concerned that they could be canceled as well.

Any Official Statement?

One of the most loved shows on TLC was Counting On and the Duggar family, as strange as they are, are loved by millions. The Bates family comes close and their fans really hope that their show isn’t canceled too. There has not been an announcement yet, but fans are starting to get nervous about the Bates family. There have been plenty of fans who have gotten on social media to address all of their concerns.

One fan, who runs the Duggar Bates Confessions Instagram account, wrote, “Now if they will just cancel the Bates…” There were plenty of comments from other diehard fans of the show that made them think that they were genuinely worried about the show.

Fans Speak Out

Many fans of the Bates family said that they are by far their favorite reality TV family. Another fan pointed out that the Bates family hasn’t really been involved in any scandals the way that the Duggars have and they felt that there is no need to cancel the show. The Bates family may be close friends with the Duggars, but that doesn’t mean that they have anything to do with any of their scandals.

The Bates family has maintained a pretty clean and Christian image since Bringing Up Bates started airing on UP. Fans are pretty sure that they need to remain on the network to give them some of the Christian fundamentalist viewers to watch weekly and keep an eye on their family.

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  1. Pat says

    Bring Up Bates is not on TLC. Get your facts straight. They are on Christian channel UP. And UP is not in the habit of cancelling. I wish they were on TLC because UP is not in my list of canle channels and I have to pay extra for it.

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