Jessa Seewald Shares Cute Video Of The Kids Meeting Their New Sibling

Jessa Seewald Shares Cute Video Of The Kids Meeting Their New SiblingJessa Seewald and Ben shared videos with their Counting On fans when she went into labor with her fourth child. TLC fans knew that she expected her baby any day, but they didn’t initially reveal the gender. Well, Henry and Spurgeon suggested if it’s a boy they should name him Runk or Brunk. However, it turned out they had a little girl and they named her Fern Elianna Seewald. On July 21, Jessa popped up a video that revealed the kids meeting their sibling for the first time.

Jessa Seewald Gave Birth In A Hospital

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob prefer home births. However, in a video that Jessa shared, she revealed they tossed that idea aside. She said, “I’ve had three great home births, no complications with the birth itself, but I have had postpartum hemorrhage two times, with my first and my third. For that reason, we are choosing to do hospital birth so we won’t have to deal with the transport if I end up needing Pitocin.”

Well, Jessa Seewald and Ben welcomed their child and two days later, the kids came to the hospital to meet their little sister. For now, at least, she knows that her older brother Josh is unlucky to turn up and meet her daughter. Under his court orders, as he awaits trial, he can’t enter any home where kids live. However, right now, he’s probably the last thing on her mind.

Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy Visit Mom Jessa Seewald & The New Baby

The video that the Seewald’s shared revealed that Ben took the kids into the room. Jessa waited for them and cradled her new baby. Little Ivy wanted to touch her sister, so Ben made sure she first disinfected her hands.

Jessa Seewald Shares Cute Video Of The Kids Meeting Their New Sibling

When Jessa placed the baby carefully in her arms, Ivy looked stunned. Her dad explained to the cute kid that the baby came out of her mom’s tummy. Well, it all seemed too much for her and her eyes got bigger and bigger. However, eventually, Ivy very sweetly leaned over and kissed Fern on her head.

Henry and Spurgeon looked interested when Ben talked about the baby that came out of Jessa Seewald. Pragmatic, Spurgeon asked her why her tummy was still big. So, she explained that it takes a bit of time to shrink. So, her told her he expected it to go away straight away. Meanwhile, Henry seemed very taken with his sister and also insisted on showing his mom the balloon they brought along.

TLC Fans Comment On the Video

In the comments section on YouTube, fans chatted about the kids meeting Fern. One fan wrote, “Spurgeon is so funny! “Why is your tummy still big tho?” 😳😂 You have a lovely family Jessa.” Then another fan wrote, “She’s soooo cute and I love the way her siblings reacted to her. Ivy is just awe struck🥰😍! Congratulations .”

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