Little People, Big World Spoilers: Can New Family Member Save Amy Roloff And Chris’ Wedding Plans?

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Can New Family Member Save Amy Roloff And Chris' Wedding Plans?Little People, Big World (LPBW) has added a new star to its cast.  And it’s a very tiny one. 

Spoilers for Little People, Big World show that Amy Roloff and Chris Marek have expanded their family with a swimmingly charming addition!

But can one pet fish save the rumors that their wedding day is in trouble? 

Keep reading to find out!

Amy Roloff, Chris Marek Expand Family Ahead Of Wedding

Little People, Big World current and former stars are adding to their families.

And while ex star Audrey Roloff and husband Jeremy show off her baby bump on social media, Amy Roloff, 56, and Chris Marek, 59, are sharing their new pet fish.

Spoilers for the Tuesday, July 27 episode of Little People, Big World reveal that Amy and Chris will flaunt their fish relationship milestone, per People.

Viewers know that Chris’ pet fish, Henry, passed away (RIP). So the couple decided to adopt a new member of their family.

The fish, named King Henry V, represents the first time that Amy and Chris have gotten a pet as a couple.

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Can New Family Member Save Amy Roloff And Chris' Wedding Plans?

Viewers will see Roloff and Marek carefully introducing the fish into his new environment. And although King Henry hesitates, he eventually settles into his home.

Chris shows his sense of humor in naming his new pet.

“I dub him King Henry V,” announces Marek, charmingly noting, “just King Henry to his friends.”

It’s a sweet moment, and the type of sentiment we’d like to see more often from the new cast member.

And for those who are concerned about Amy’s dog Felix? This woof-worthy pet earns his own moment in the spotlight.

When Felix wanders over to view King Henry, Chris reassures him, “You’re still number one in this house.”

Memo to Little People, Big World producers: Please do a show devoted to all the LPBW pets!

Little People, Big World Wedding Bells To Ring

While King Henry V explores his new world, his owners Amy Roloff and Chris Marek prep for their wedding day.

But their plan to tie the knot continues to spark debate among Little People, Big World viewers.

“This feels so important,” gushed Amy about bringing home the pet fish.

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Can New Family Member Save Amy Roloff And Chris' Wedding Plans?

That statement might generate laughter from some viewers. But here’s the real question: Does Roloff feel more enthusiastic about owning a fish together than taking the first step to married life as she preps to say “In sickness or in health” to Marek?

Fans repeatedly have expressed concern about the arguments between Chris and Amy. In addition, their wedding location has raised questions.

As King Henry the fish relaxes, his owners Marek and Roloff seem increasingly tense. And much of that tension revolves around their wedding day.

Currently scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 28, the wedding is set to take place on Roloff Farms.

Initially, Amy viewed having her ceremony at a site linked to her ex-husband was just a backup.

But something changed.

“Chris and I have made the final decision on the wedding venue and we’re getting married at Roloff Farms,” announced Roloff, shocking viewers. 

As a result of the backlash, Amy defended herself. She claimed that she and Chris had evaluated their options.

“COVID came into play because I think a lot of people either changed or canceled and moved whatever was going on in 2020 to 2021, so other places just kind of eroded away and plan B [the family farm] became plan A,” added Roloff.

Will the wedding ever take place? Will the fish be present, and Felix become the ring bearer to keep it all in the family?

Be sure to visit our site for all the news and updates for Little People, Big World (including the pets!). 

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