Married At First Sight Spoilers: Do We Need New Experts?

Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that MAFS fans are really divided when it comes to Pastor Cal, Dr. Viviana Coles, and Dr. Pepper Schwartz. Knowing that the experts picked Chris Williams was the final straw for many, they no longer have trust in their decision-making process. Before the wedding, Chris told the experts that he wanted someone “submissive and a freak,” yet they decided to ignore what he said and match him anyways with Paige Banks.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – The Experts: The Bad And The Ugly

On the recent Matchmaking Special, fans were put off with how much the “experts” used the term “OCD.” Even though OCD is an adjective that people use to describe someone that is organized, fans felt like the experts should have known better to criticize Johnny and call him OCD just because he likes things neat and organized. Even though the term is used in slang, the experts shouldn’t follow suit. The other thing that bothers fans is that these experts match people with opposing personalities and say they “hope they balance each other out.” Fans are certain that the experts match for ratings, but all three of the present ones have said no.

What it looks like here is that the experts don’t have the final say, it seems more like production makes the final choice on who they want on the show, and the more drama, the better. Let’s face it, problematic people cause drama, which brings in the ratings.

Married At First Sight Updates – The Good

Dr. Viv is excellent at making people feel at ease, her methods and advice are on point way more than all of the experts. Pastor Cal has a wonderful, comforting voice. Dr. Pepper brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. If the experts were permitted to be what they are, experts, then we could avoid train wrecks like Chris Williams, Michael Watson, Matthew Gwynne, Luke Cuccurullo and so many more. The sad thing about all of this is that there are many young women who were serious about finding their happily ever after and instead, got their lives turned upside down by partners who should have never made it past the vetting process.

What do you think of the experts? Do you think they have all the say, or are they just paid, actors?

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