Married At First Sight Spoilers: Henry Rodrigues Is Off The Market

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Henry Rodriguez was matched with Christina Croce in season 11 of MAFS. Henry was a true gentleman from the beginning, a little reserved and shy. Christina was outgoing, non-stop, and easily got bored with Henry’s laidback ways.

Henry was willing to step outside the box and try new things but wanted to take it slow, where Christina lacked patience waiting for Henry. The final straw for this relation was when Christina told Henry that she had received a text saying that he was dating a male friend. Christina later apologized on TV, but there was no putting a Bandaid on that one, and the two separated at Decision Day.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Henry Rodriguez Moves On

Since Henry’s MAFS experience he has been trying to move on. Recently he was tied to Amber Bowles who appeared on season 9 of MAFS and matched with Matthew Gwynne; she was visiting New Orleans and stopped by to see Henry and pose for some selfies. Another great cast member, Amber, would have made a great match with Henry, but they are only friends. Amber was not the only cast member for Henry to make a move on, there was also Olivia Cornu who was matched with Brett Lindsey from his season 12, but they also remained friends.

Married At First Sight: Henry Rodriguez

Married At First Sight Updates – Henry Rodrigues Steps Outside The Box

Henry admitted last year that he was “once afraid of mud and jumping on trampolines, now I’m hiking and climbing to the tops of mountains.” Henry has also taken the jump into a new relationship and his new girlfriend, Kayla, got herself a really good catch. The two have made it Instagram official, posting selfies of themselves together for fans.

MAFS fans are thrilled for Henry, “Good for him!! They both look really great :))”, and “Damn Henry looks goooooood! Happy for him:)” and “Aww I thought he was so cute, good for him!” and “I LOVE IT! Henry deserves the best” and “😍 he looks so happy and so comfortable being himself.”  Henry was definitely a fan favorite on MAFS. It’s nice to see a positive outcome for Henry, this may not be his happily ever after, but at least he is dating and getting out there.

What Did You Think Of Henry On Married At First Sight?

Were you a fan of Henry and side with him, or did you side with Christina? One thing is for sure, Henry and Christina should not have been matched – just another MAFS attempt at “opposites attracting,” and we have seen so many couples end up in DIVORCE because of it.

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