My Big Fat Fabulous Life: What REALLY Happened To Whitney Way Thore And Ryan Andreas’ Relationship?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: What REALLY Happened To Whitney Way Thore And Ryan Andreas’ Relationship?My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore has shared her ups and downs with her viewers season after season.

And those highs and lows most recently included Whitney teaming up with Ryan Andreas.

What happened to that relationship, and what really went wrong? Find out below!

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: How Did Whitney Way Thore, Ryan Andreas Meet?

As viewers of My Big Fat Fabulous Life might recall, Whitney Way Thore and Ryan Andreas didn’t initially meet with their eyes on the prize of a business arrangement. Instead, the two enjoyed (well, sort of) a blind date. 

But the date didn’t turn into a matchmaker’s idea of heaven. Instead, the two seemed to find a common bond in their fitness career goals. And so when My Big Fat Fabulous Life showed Whitney choosing Ryan as her business partner, it seemed like a win-win.

Whitney knew that she needed help to expand her exercise company, No BS Active. And Ryan appeared to possess the fitness education and experience to work with Thore.

But as fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life discovered, the two clashed rather than matched on their goals. And those clashes ultimately lead to bye-bye “No BS” teamwork! 

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: What Really Went Wrong With Ryan And Whitney’s Partnership?

On My Big Fat Fabulous Life and her social media, Whitney has repeatedly emphasized that she believes all body types can enjoy exercise. With “no body shame” as her mantra, this creator of the “No BS Active” company therefore wanted to create a fitness company that helped different body shapes to get fit.

But Ryan disagreed. The fitness trainer sought to follow the traditional “exercise to shape up and lose weight” philosophy of workouts.

As a result, Whitney and Ryan seemed unable to compromise. The end of their joint business opened the door for Jessica Powell, Whitney’s own personal trainer. Jessica and Whitney have continued with No BS Active.

Will Ryan Andreas Return To My Big Fat Fabulous Life?

Has Ryan changed his goals in recent months to perhaps allow a return to My Big Fat Fabulous Life, potentially teaming up again with Whitney?

Looking at his Instagram, the fitness trainer appears to have doubled down on his belief that fitness should result in weight loss. Ryan’s Instagram pics of before and after his fitness program, for example, showcase his success in that area. 

And his Instagram photo captions also seem like a slap at Whitney’s belief that weight loss should NOT be the end goal of working out.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: What REALLY Happened To Whitney Way Thore And Ryan Andreas’ Relationship?

“I’m going to continue to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way to fuel my passion for helping others crush their goals,” wrote Ryan. “I’m going make the most of every situation for myself and for the people I love, and always hold myself and others accountable because accountability = progress.”

Ouch. In other words, while Whitney may feel that accountability means enjoying exercise just for the feeling rather than trying to change one’s body shape, Ryan is making it clear that fitness means changing your body to “progress,” as he wrote.

As for how Ryan has done in terms of his love life compared to Whitney? While the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star recently suffered through a very public breakup, Ryan has shared numerous photos of his girlfriend on Instagram.

Could Ryan return in the upcoming season? Check back on our site for all your updates on My Big Fat Fabulous Life! 

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