OutDaughtered Critics Slam Danielle Busby For Another Girls’ Vacay

OutDaughtered Critics Slam Danielle Busby For Another Girls' VacayOutDaughtered star Danielle Busby waited until Season 8 wrapped up filming before taking a break. Recall, fans saw her stressed out by the kids and she faced health issues. So, she took a vacation with her girlfriends. However, she now takes another break with friends and some TLC fans seem very upset about it. Actually, it seems a bit of jealousy comes out.

OutDaughtered Star Danielle Busby Enjoys Many Vacations

Danielle Busby and Adam seem to be singled out amongst TV stars for going on vacations. It seems a bit strange as plenty of people on TV shows go away a lot. However, it seems that people hate the idea of the Busby family being able to afford a lot of trips away from home.  Most people understood when Danielle took a break for a few days in spring. But critics seem shocked and jealous that she now goes away again with girlfriends for a few days.

Since Danielle Busby went away for her first break with girlfriends, fans of OutDaughtered saw Adam and his wife visit the El Dorado Royale Riviera Maya in Cancun.” When the kids started their summer break, they went to Splashway Water Park. Then they visited relatives in Lake Charles. The rest of the time, they stayed home and the kids all went off to camp. So, quite why people have such a downer on her going away for a few days seems a bit of a mystery.

Another Break For Danielle Busby From OutDaughtered

On Sunday, July 12, Danielle shared some posts on her Instagram Stories about her trip away. Plus, she shared a post on her main page. She said, “We escaped!!!! Time for a mama break.” Some fans wished her a wonderful and well-deserved trip away. However, a lot of other TLC fans slammed her for it. One of them said, “Again? Wasn’t there just a girls trip?

OutDaughtered Critics Slam Danielle Busby For Another Girls' Vacay

Other critics also slapped at OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby. This comment arrived: “A break from what exactly? Not hating, but you seem to take vacations monthly.” Then another fan chipped in asked, “Not to hate but….what do you need a vacation from…what exactly do you do …that [requires] so many vacations?

Fans Defend The reality TV Star

Many loyal OutDaughtered fans of Danielle Busby think it’s grossly wrong of fans to question her vacations. Actually, one of them spoke about jealousy. They noted, “Wow some jealousy here in these comments! Enjoy your time Danielle!” Meanwhile, others talked about how the Busby family works really hard for their money. So, if they can afford to take a vacation every month, if they choose to, why is it any business of other people?

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