OutDaughtered Quints Are In ‘Heaven’ Says Adam Busby

OutDaughtered Quints Are In 'Heaven' Says Adam BusbyOutDaughtered fans sometimes suggest that the quilts act like “tomboys.” However, these days, it’s perfectly acceptable for girls to do things that traditionally boys did and vice versa.  Well, sometimes they do act a bit like rapscallions, but when it comes to makeup, they are totally there for it. In fact, their dad, Adam Busby said that shopping for makeup puts them in “heaven.

OutDaughtered Quints And Big Sister Blayke Make For Six Girls

Adam Busby often gets applauded for being such a great girl-dad. Well, he and Danielle produced Blayke, and then along came the quints, Oliva and Ava, Riley, Parker, and Hazel all at once. As the quints turned six this year, Adam now has a  lot of experience as a girl-dad behind him. Unfortunately, they never produced a son, and Danielle underwent a hysterectomy.

Often, the OutDaughtered dad shares clips of the kids shopping, and the quints seem keen on a bit of retail therapy. About a month ago, Adam and Danielle took them out and they seemed excited about buying a squirrel feeder for the yard. Sometimes, they shop for toys or other personal choices with their allowances. But this week, they stopped by the makeup and they enjoyed a great time selecting things.

OutDaughtered Quints In ‘Heaven,’ Adam Said

Fans who follow the Busby family know that sometimes, Adam very patiently lets them color his nails. When they were much smaller, he banned makeup as they tended to get it on the carpet. However, now they are a bit older, makeup seems like a favorite thing for the cute kids.

OutDaughtered Quints Are In Heaven Says Adam Busby

Taking to his Instagram stories on July 27, the OutDaughtered dad shared some clips of the quints with Danielle. Hazel seemed keen on a stuffed panda but she also joined in at the makeup display. Riley and her mom looked at the pallets. Meanwhile, Parker Kate seemed fascinated. The twins also become thoroughly absorbed in the different options. In his caption, Adam said, “These girls are in Heaven.

Fans Comment On main Post

Fortunately, Adam Busby also posted up a photo from the makeup outing on his main Instagram. He said, “Following my little princesses around a beauty store. The life of a girl dad.So, TLC fans commented and one said, “You really are a fantastic girl dad.” Then another fan noted, “Adam, you’re definitely a great, loving dad!❤️😍” This comment also came in: “You’re gonna need a bigger closet Adam!! 👟👕” Others said how very beautiful the quints look and warned Adam that as the girls grow older, they’ll bring plenty more shopping days at the beauty store.

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