Seeking Sister Wife: Dannielle Merrifield Slams Garrick’s Haters

Seeking Sister Wife: Dannielle Merrifield Slams Garrick’s HatersSeeking Sister Wife fans heard a lot of rumors that Dannielle Merrifield left Garrick. In fact, it seems that never happened. She went Live for the first time this weekend on Instagram and repeatedly used the word, “we.” Additionally, she told fans that they need to stop the negativity and hate toward Garrick and Roberta.

Seeking Sister Wife Star Dannielle Merrifield Found Sympathy

In season 3 of the TLC show, Dannielle Merrifield found a lot of sympathetic fans. She seemed so sweet and vulnerable. Recall, Garrick wanted a divorce because God told him to take on more wives. Clearly, it hurt her very much. Plus, he found his slinky girl from Brazil, Roberta, and cheated on Dannielle the very first time they met her in Mexico. Actually, fans thought that Garrick was way more into the idea of a second wife than Dannielle.

Later, Seeking Sister Wife fans heard that Garrick seemed all about D-time and deliberately impregnated Roberta. The marriage got put on hold because of the coronavirus and TLC fans literally cried for Dannielle. So, TLC fans really hoped that she left Garrick and Roberta. However, news emerged that they started building a house together. In her Live on Instagram this weekend, Dannielle mentioned they soon move into their home.

Dannielle Merrifield From Seeking Sister Wife Slams Haters

Fans know that Garrick’s newly divorced wife is a real sweetheart. So, she slammed people who hate on him rather nicely. She’s really not the kind of person who rants and raves. She told her TLC fans that she recently had orthodontic work done, so she talked a bit strangely. However, she got her message across.

Seeking Sister Wife Dannielle Merrifield Slams Garrick Haters

Seeking Sister Wife star Dannielle Merrifield told her fans they don’t know if the show returns. However, if it does, she hopes they keep following their story. Plus, she kept talking about “we,” in reference to Garrick, herself, and Roberta. So presumably she ever left Garrick. She admitted that a lot of positive messages went her way, but appealed to fans to stop with the hate on Garrick and also not to diss on her about the kids.

TLC Fans react In The Comments

Fans reacted to the Live by Dannielle Merrifield. Most people support her as she seems very sweet. One of them said, “Your endearing quality is your vulnerability. Stay true to who you are…sweet and compassionate.” Unfortunately, she didn’t drop any spoilers really. When asked for more info, she said she can’t talk because of the show and for the “safety” of their family. One fan put two and two together and noted, “So that means they are all together and Roberta probably has had a baby!!! 🤢.”

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