Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown New RV Home Hints At Family SPLIT?!

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown New RV Home Hints At Family SPLIT?!Sister Wives has become the reality TV show that defied the odds. 

Amid constant predictions of canceling, Sister Wives just keeps churning out all-new material season after season. But now, two recent events have some fans predicting an ending other than cancellation! 

First, Sister Wives star Christine Brown sparked rumors of a move. That gossip occurred amid allegations that her polygamous husband Kody Brown could not manage his rage! 

As a result, ANOTHER move amid the Sister Wives stars has some fans insisting that the show will end not with a cancellation but with a family split. Keep reading to find out who moved… and what fans suspect that shift means! 

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown SHOCKS Fans!

Rarely do Sister Wives stars Robyn, Christine, Meri, and Janelle Brown make a move without their husband Kody Brown playing a major role. Whether he supervises or orders, Kody always seems to get involved in his four wives’ lives. 

But now some Sister Wives fans think Kody lost his role as the puppet master where Janelle is concerned! 

Turning to Instagram, Janelle implied that she just made a MAJOR move WITHOUT Kody’s knowledge! 

“I acted boldly and seized an adventure,” wrote Janelle on her Instagram post.

Sister Wives fans who follow Janelle know that her rental home got sold. But now she has revealed the surprising twist in her search for a new home!

“The rental where I was living was sold and I chose an alternative path to trying to find another rental,” explained the Sister Wives star.

Due to what she called the “crazy” housing situation in Flagstaff, Janelle chose a “new summer adventure – the RV life but camped on our property.”

The Sister Wives star’s reference to an “RV” refers to a recreational vehicle. Although the term can apply to vehicles ranging from trailers to truck campers, the photo shown in her Instagram post resembles more of a motor home than a camper van. 

Sister Wives Fans’ Theories On Why Janelle Lives In RV When Robyn Owns A Guest House! 

Choosing to live in an RV may seem like a sensible decision for someone faced with only over-priced new homes to rent. But as Janelle admitted, this choice could present lots of “unknown variables.”

The Sister Wives star also confessed that “this is about to get real !”

And that statement, some think, could hint at trouble amid Kody Brown’s wives. As one Reddit fan pointed out, another wife, Robyn, owns a guest house. Why then does Janelle resign herself to an RV?

Theories include:

  • That RV does NOT actually represent Janelle’s first choice. Instead, the decision to go for the trailer life hints at a split amid the wives, with Janelle forced to separate herself. 
  • Robyn refused to allow Janelle to live in her guest home, another indicator of a potential split that could mean Robyn and Kody Brown choosing to become monogamous. 

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown New RV Home Hints At Family SPLIT?!

What Sister Wives fans do agree?

“It’s the beginning of the end,” as one Reddit poster wrote. “The show or the ‘marriage’ do not have much steam left.”

And some Sister Wives fans got angry at the situation.

That RV appears “parked on an empty lot with no water or utilities,” pointed out one follower. 

Meanwhile, Kody lives “in a million dollar home in front of her with his other kids and step kids while hers is in a camper,” added the poster. “Now his wife is in a camper on a lot alone living where she had dreams of a mega mansion with her entire family.”

Will Janelle become the first Sister Wives to split from the Brown family? Check back on our site for all your news and updates!


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