Unexpected Anthony Vanelli Shooting Charges Dropped By Prosecutor

Unexpected-Anthony Vanelli-1Unexpected star Anthony Vanelli, the baby daddy of Rilah Ferrer ran afoul of the law several times. Recall that Rilah Ferrer originally claimed that he acted violently towards her. Well while he awaited trial no weapons came as a strict requirement. Anyway, he later ended up arrested for allegedly shooting at the house of a relative. Now, the charges were dropped, but he’s not in the clear yet.

Unexpected Star Anthony Vanelli Mocked By Max Schenzel

When the news arrived that Anthony Vanelli ended up arrested in January, Max Schenzel, a co-star mocked him. It came a few weeks after the arrest as Max was actually in jail himself at the time. A lot of TLC fans slammed him, as he’s not perfect with his record of drug abuse and theft. Not to mention allegations that he threw his phone at Chloe Mendoza who sought a retaining order, so he can’t see his daughter Ava.

Anthony Vanelli and Max both seem like villains from Unexpected, but credit to Max, at the moment he steers clear of running into trouble with the law. However, Starcasm revealed that Anthony was in jail at the time he heard the recent news that prosecutors dropped the charges for allegedly shooting into a house. That’s because he faces charges of threatening a woman with a knife in April. Probably, with that background, fans never see him on the TLC show again.

Anthony From Unexpected Gets Good News For The Moment

According to Starcasm, the prosecution “withdrew the charges of shooting into an occupied dwelling (2nd degree felony). Plus, they dropped the “aggravated charge of assault with a firearm (3rd degree felony). However,  the outlet noted a clause that states that if sufficient evidence emerges later, he might still face those charges.

Unexpected Rilah Ferrer and Anthony Vanelli On TLC

In the meantime, the outlet has no way of finding out if the charges were dropped as part of a plea deal on the charge of threatening a woman with a knife. Apparently he pulled the knife on her as he didn’t like the guy she was with. Whichever way fans look at it, Unexpected star Rilah Ferrer sounds like she dumped Anthony Vanelli before he escalated his alleged violence towards her.

How is Rilah Doing These Days?

The last message that fans got about Anthony Vanelli from Rilah came via @tlcunexpected_1 this week. She asked for people to stop connecting with her to comment about her baby daddy. Since then, she deleted her account. However, before that, she looked happy and in a better place without him. It also looks like Anthony came off Instagram as well.

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