What On Earth Is Jeremy Vuolo Doing To The Rear End Of A Unicorn?

What On Earth Is Jeremy Vuolo Doing To The Rear End Of A Unicorn?Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar from Counting On arranged a birthday party for Felicity who just turned three years old, Fans didn’t see the face of the little girl, as these days her parents try and keep it off social media. However, TLC fans saw her blowing out the candles on her cake. Most people though, just giggled at Jeremy as he fiddled with the rear end of a unicorn.

Jeremy Vuolo And Jinger Duggar Seem Like Great Parents

Counting On fans know that the young TLC alums seem devoted to their children. Of course, critics abound when it comes to the Duggar family. So, some of them accused them of leaving their kids at home while they go out. Well, Jeremy told his fans that the church helps out with babysitting. Plus, as they hardly ever share photos of the kids these days, fans can’t be sure how often they take them out.

Jeremy Vuolo and  Jinger rumors ran around that that they actually split, at one stage. However, that never happened and they still live together with their two kids in Los Angeles. Actually, it’s unlikely that the Counting On couple would ever consider divorce given their religious backgrounds. After all, he’s a pastor and she was raised in Jim Bob Duggar’s home. So, on Felicity’s birthday, it looked like no worries clouded their day.

Jeremy Vuolo Fiddles With The Rear End Of A Unicorn

Jinger shared some photos of Felicity’s birthday. One of them showed the cake. Then, another one revealed the little girl blowing out the candles. Meanwhile, the third photo made their fans giggle a lot. Jeremy inflated a unicorn sprinkler. If you don’t know, they inflate quite easily and then a hose attached to them keeps a supply of water shooting out of the horn.

Jeremy Vuolo Rear End Of A Unicorn Counting On

In the photo, Jeremy Vuolo inserted a hose in the rear end of the unicorn. Well, that stole the show for TLC fans. One of them commented, “The poor unicorn has signed up for a colonic!” Then another fan noted, “I would’ve loved to hear the conversation happening as Jeremy was hooking up the hose 😂😂😂.” Another fan asked, “By the way, is that seriously where the hose goes on that unicorn?!?! 🤣.” Well, yes, and other fans also giggled about it.

Fans Wish Felicity A Happy Birthday

Those fans not fixated by a unicorn enema wished Felicity a very happy birthday. One of them said, “Happy 3rd Birthday…sweet Felicity!! Hope you have a blessed and beautiful day sweet girl!!🎉🎈🎂🎉🎈🎂🙏🙏🥰🥰.”

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