1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Amy and Tammy Slaton Popularity – What We Know!

 1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Amy and Tammy Slaton Popularity - What We Know!1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that Amy and Tammy Slaton have become pretty popular. There are some fans who want to know who is more popular among the sisters. We have been following them on the show and watching their weight loss journey unfold.

They have been working hard to get their weight down and no matter what, they have also been working on their sisterly relationship. It seems that many fans of the show are inspired by them and we want to take a look at who is more popular. 

Who Wins In Popularity?

Both of the Slaton sisters have grown in popularity on their social media accounts, so it is tough to determine which one is more popular. If we look at their social media accounts, Tammy has 212,000 followers on Instagram and Amy has 32,000 followers.

Tammy is much more active on Instagram and this could be the main reason that Amy doesn’t have so many followers. Amy does have a baby to take care of these days and it doesn’t seem like social media is that much of a priority right now. 

The sisters are both active on YouTube as well. Amy has 457,000 subscribers on her channel and still posts on there more frequently than on Instagram. Tammy has 157,000 subscribers on YouTube and hasn’t posted a video on her channel in about five months.

 1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Amy and Tammy Slaton Popularity - What We Know! 

Other Social Media Accounts

Tammy has a TikTok account that has gotten a lot of recognition lately. She has over a million fans on it, but the account has been suspended quite a few times. No one is quite sure why, but Tammy continues to use the account and post videos for her fans. 

If you know their story, you know that they got their start from their YouTube channel. They had followers who adored them and suggested them to TLC. The sisters still have a rivarly, according to fans, but Tammy did a TikTok about that. She said, “Why do y’all think I’m jealous of Amy? Why? There’s nothing to be jealous of.

She’s married, she lost weight. Big flipping deal. I’m going to get my surgery. I’m going to lose weight in my time. I’m going to get married in my time. Nobody’s the same. I’m just a little slower than Amy, so what? I am not jealous of her. I am proud of her. She got what she wanted. I will eventually.” 

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