1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaten Fans Shocked and Furious With Her

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaten Fans Shocked and Furious With Her1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that Tammy Slaten has some fans who are extremely mad at her. Tammy recently posted quite a few new selfies on her Instagram account and her fans were shocked to see that she is still on oxygen and it doesn’t look as if she has lost any weight either. Are these the real reasons that fans are mad at her?

Is Tammy Giving Up?

One of the reasons that Tammy’s fans think that she has given up is because of how she looks in her recent photos. She looks incredibly unhappy and her health seems as if it has just gotten worse. There are other fans that think that she is just remaking herself and this is why she decided to take all of the pictures.

The pictures of Tammy still on oxygen really got to her fans. None of the pictures have captions and this really made her fans wonder what is going on with her these days. Of course, Tammy’s fans really did let her have it in the comments section of her pictures.

Tammy’s Fans Leave Comments

Of course, Tammy’s fans care about her and her health. They have been cheering for her for months and are trying to understand where she is coming from when it comes to her eating habits and weight loss. One fan wrote to her, “Tammy, why are you still on oxygen? Stop eating chips/junk food and stick to your diet!”

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaten Fans Shocked and Furious With Her

There were other fans that are upset with her because she has shown that she is not changing her diet and hasn’t started any of the simple exercises that were recommended to her. One fan even noticed that she has started to gain weight on her forehead and they pointed out that is a sure sign that she has not lost weight.

We really hope that Tammy has been working on changing up her lifestyle, but she is the only one who can make the choice to do it.

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  1. Patricia says

    Tammy you are a beautiful person inside out and you have to know that you are don’t look for no one to help you sweetie you got to show people that you are a strong person. Tammy you are still a young woman l know you what to be happy have a nice husband one day and some kids maybe. Start show people that you can take control of yourself and life and start losing that weight you have people out here that loves you. Have you tryed eating vegan things hot on a wrap fix you some lettuce and black beans and corn carrots put some dressing on it. Have you tryed baking your foods like bake fish and chicken it just one piece of fish have a salad and bake potatoe and please drink plenty of water est more veggies fruit. You can do it you got to make it up in your mine and after you see the change in you Tammy you will be like l should have done this a long time ago and eat small portion and exercise move around do things around your house you many have to say for a second but make yourself get back up . Get the sweets out of your mind you have a little new nephew that is looking to spend his whole life with you and if you want a boyfriend you have to show him you are a strong woman because Tammy any man will tell you anything if they are not trying to help you do right . So lam just trying to get you right on that band wagon you got to care about yourself and stop giving these people out here something to talk about let them know you have will power even your family they want to see a different Tammy . Take care sweetie l hope l was some help to you it’s hard sweetie l know lam going through it myself but l made up in my mine look how much beautiful you are going to be and how happy you will be Also. Be bless Tammy l Love our show!!!

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