90 Day Fiance Star Tiffany Franco Quietly Launches Addyrose Cosmetics

90 Day Fiance Star Tiffany Franco Quietly Launches Addyrose Cosmetics90 Day Fiance star Tiffany Franco Smith shared that she started a website for her Addyrose Cosmetics one a year ago. Additonally, she also opened up an Instagram page for it. However, nothing happened for ages other than promises of “soon.” In fact, some fans seemed shocked that she announced her new Pinkywinky palette this weekend as they weren’t aware she’d launched any products yet.

90 Day Fiance Tiffany Franco Smith Slimmed Down Amidst Rumors

Tiffany Franco Smith lost a lot of weight and shared some photos of herself looking very attractive. Well, presumably if someone starts a cosmetics line, they should look good and at least take care of themselves. Actually, fans noticed she seemed way more into herself than her husband, Ronald. Rumors of a split came from public spats on social media. Not to mention from the Happily Ever After? Tell-All this month.

90 Day Fiance fans, unfortunately. seem less enthused with Tiffany after the way she constantly put Ronald down this season. Not as unpopular as Angela Deem, after her bad behavior, fans nevertheless get a bit put off by Tiffany. In fact, it seems that her popularity waned, especially on Reddit. So, it’s unclear that it will help her get sales for Addyrose Cosmetics. Mind you, some fans didn’t even know any were available to buy yet.

90 Day Fiance Quiet Addyrose Launch Takes Fans By Surprise

Tiffany Franco Smith took to her main Instagram page this weekend and shared a photo of a palette. In her caption, she said, “Get your hands on this STUNNING pinky winky palette 💖 for sale now! Almost sold out 💖💖💖💖💖.” Well, fans passed out the website address for the product as she didn’t post it. Over there, she has three items listed. She has two brushes for $11.99 each. Plus, her new Pinkywinky palette for $25.

90 Day Fiance Star Tiffany Franco Quietly Launches AddyRose Cosmetics

Some 90 Day Fiance fans seemed taken aback about the very quiet cosmetics’ launch, One of them wrote, “Wait! You launched!? How did I miss this!? I’m going shopping right now!” Well, that wasn’t the only surprised fan who didn’t notice any major launch announcement.  Losing popularity or not, it seems that some fans are keen on buying Tiffany’s palette and brushes. One fan commented, “! just bought 1 of everything.

No Huge Announcement

Tiffany Franco Smith didn’t make a huge announcement on her @addyrosecosmetics Instagram account either. On August 13, she shared about her new Pinkywinky palette but ignored fans who asked when they could start buying it. Additionally, she ignored fans who asked where they could buy it. Certainly, it seems like the TLC star might need to start thinking about brushing up on her customer service skills.

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