Alaskan Bush People: Bear and Gabe Brown Share Rare Photo Of The Kids

Alaskan Bush People: Bear and Gabe Brown Share Rare Photo Of The KidsAlaskan Bush People fans possibly never expected to see too many photos of Bear with his son, River. Plus, Gabe Brown’s daughter Sophie seldom features on social media. So, Discovery Channel fans got double pleasure when Bear shared a photo of the two brothers with their young kids.

Alaskan Bush People – Raiven And Bear Brown Make A Go Of Things

Recently, Raiven and Bear shared a really nice photo of themselves with little River. Actually, Bear trimmed his hair and beard and polished up. Then, he lost that sad and haunted look of grief, and fans spotted that sweet smile again. So, they suspected that Raiven and Bear put their differences aside again. Well, news emerged that Raiven and Bear did just that. In fact, she said to Bear said on her Instagram, “it’s always been you.”

A few years ago, fans were surprised to see that Gabe and his wife, Raquell Rose appeared in Alaskan Bush People with a baby. Well, many people didn’t know they produced a child. Mainly, that came about because they never made a big song and dance about it. For the couple, privacy and just the quiet enjoyment of little Sophie overrode the publicity thing. Clearly, the couple hopes to give Sophie a decent life without too much intrusion from the press.

Alaskan Bush People: Rare Photo Of River And Sophie

Bear Brown took to his Instagram and shared a photo of him standing next to Gabe. He held River in his arms. The cute little guy looked across at Sophie. Actually, he didn’t have a pacifier, and Sophie did. Maybe he wondered what on earth she had in her mouth. Fans agreed that it made for a “nice cousin pic.” But, it also made a nice photo of the two brothers.

Alaskan Bush People Bear and Gabe Brown Share Rare Photo Of The Kids

Usually, Alaskan Bush People star Gabe posts little about his family on social media. Occasionally, he shares photos of his wife, Raquell Rose. And these days, since his dad died, he shares his poetry and his creative side. However, for both parents, it seems they don’t overdo photos of their daughter. So, fans really enjoyed seeing the two kids with their dads.

Fans Comment On Bear And Gabe And The Kids

Bear shared the photo on Saturday, August 14. In the comments, pleased Discovery Channel fans said how “cute” the photo looked. One of them wrote, “Love love love this picture. And their babies❤️❤️❤️❤️.” Then another one noted, “Omg..sophie looks just like gabe❤️❤️ and river is just a doll..yall are so blessed ❤️❤️❤️.” Similarly, this fan wrote, “Gabe your little girl look just like you she just she is beautiful and bear your son is so handsome.”

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    Gabe Brown looks like Charles Manson.

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