Alaskan Bush People: Bear Shares Rare Photo Of Ami Brown

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Shares Rare Photo Of Ami BrownAlaskan Bush People fans felt very sad when  Ami Brown lost her husband Billy this year. Since then, a lot of Discovery fans have wondered how she was doing. After all, he passed away suddenly, and she previously struggled with her fight against cancer. Now, her son Bear shared a relatively rare photo of her on her birthday.

Alaskan Bush People Star Bear Honors His Mom Ami Brown

When Billy died suddenly from some sort of heart-related seizure, Bear and his siblings seemed devastated. In fact, they still work through their grief, and no doubt, Ami struggles with it as well. After all, she married Billy at the tender age of 15. Both originally Texans, they raise their brood of kids far from that warm climate. Well, Bear paid a lovely tribute to his mom and dad earlier this year. He shared a photo from when she fought her cancer.

Billy, the patriarch of Alaskan Bush People, stuck by Ami Brown and Bear praised their loving bond. Unfortunately, Bear wasn’t as lucky in love as his mom and dad. He and Raiven Adams fell in love, then broke up and reunited so many times, it became confusing. Along their rocky road, Raiven gave birth to their son River, which ended up in a custody case. Anyway, the latest news is that they made up again and they share many photos of them with their son. This weekend, he shared one of his mom with her grandson.

Alaskan Bush People – Rare Photo Of Ami

This weekend, Bear shared a nice photo of his mom. In it, she stood next to Bear and Raiven. Meanwhile, she held their cute kid River in her arms. Ami wore her hair long and loose and dressed in pink. In his caption, Bear wrote, “I’d like to wish my mom a very Happy Birthday! Don’t know what I’d do without her! Happy Birthday Mom! I’m lucky to have you still and very lucky to have my lovely lady and son by my side too!

Alaskan Bush People Bear Shares Rare Photo Of Ami Brown

Probably, the Alaskan Bush People family thought of Billy as well. After all, it’s the first birthday for Ami Brown since he passed away. Fans sent in their birthday wishes, and they commented about the photo. One of them said, “Happy Birthday Ami! Nice to see you all together to celebrate. Beautiful family photo. Glad Mom is doing well. 🎂🎉🥳🎈🎁♥️.”

More Discovery Fans Comment

More comments went in and people seem happy that Ami Brown sees Bear’s little family complete. One fan wrote, “such a beautiful family. I watched your show for a long time. Its like you are family. God’s Blessings always. Your in my thoughts and prayers, (sic)❤️”

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