Counting On Alum Jana Duggar Changes Her Hair

Counting On Alum Jana Duggar Changes Her HairCounting On rumors that Jana Duggar and Stephen Wissmann are dating hung around social media for some time now. In fact this year, it seems like a conversation that gets people interested only slightly less than the arrest of Josh. This week, she shared that she changed her hair and some TLC fans think it’s because she plans on marrying soon.

Counting On Rumors About Jana Duggar

Fans think that  Jana Duggar meeting up on holidays and vacations with Stephen Wissman and his family is proof they are together as a couple. Actually, there’s always one rumor or another about her. After all, she’s in her 30s now. At one stage, fans fully believed that she was gay. Meanwhile, other rumors tied her to the Bates Family. Actually, some fans believe she even gave up her business, Arbor Acres to marry Stephen.

Some Counting On fans on Reddit believe that Jim Bob probably tries to marry Jana Duggar off quickly. Actually, some of them suspect that might even happen sooner than previously thought, After all, there’s only a small window between now and Josh appearing on trial for alleged child pornography content on his laptop. Additionally, the Wissmann family takes a break in September. Now that she changed her hair color, quite a lot of TLC fans connected that to a wedding.

Counting On Fans See The New Hair Color On Instagram

Jana Duggar took to her Instagram account on Thursday, August 26, and shared a video of her hair being done. Actually, it’s really long, and she kept it that way. However, she did add some platinum blonde streaks to it. While that might not be earth-shattering, we are talking about a Duggar here. So, it’s probably quite a radical step for her. As one fan noted, “what she did here was a big step in her mind.

Counting On Alum Jana Duggar Changes Her Hair

Many Counting On fans thought that if she went platinum all over, she’d look stunning. Additonally, others thought that if she cut it shorter, it would also look great on her. However, a good deal of the conversation by TLC fans involved the rumors that she might marry Stephen Wissmann soon. One funny typo made fans laugh, but it also talked about her marrying. The comment read, “When is your weeding? This month or next?

More Wedding Comments

Jana Duggar got more comments that suggested fans think she colored her hair for her wedding. One of them said, “Is anyone else heartbroken that if she gets married we can’t see it? I’ve watched her grow up since she was little. I feel like a distant aunt that like[s]to keep up with family.” Then another fan wrote, “I think she is ready for a @janamduggar  and @stephenwissmann wedding.”

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