Is Jana Duggar Gearing Up To Marry Stephen Wissmann Soon?

Is Jana Duggar Gearing Up To Marry Stephen Wissmann Soon?Jana Duggar seems very secretive these days like most of her family since Josh ended up arrested in April. In fact, the various couples in the clan used to post stuff all the time. But these days, they seem reluctant. Of course, it could have a lot to do with TLC’s NDA that continues even though they canceled Counting on.

Jana Duggar And Stephen Wissman Rumors Grow

There’s no denying that Jana Duggar hung out quite a lot with the Wissmann family this year. Of course, some fans might suppose she hangs with them rather than with her family in Arkansas. After all,  the press keeps a sharp eye out for news about Josh. Well, she visited Arkansas at least once that fans know of as she arrived at Jill Dillard’s birthday for Samuel. However, the dating rumors grow stronger. Some fans believe that she might have shelved plans for her Arbor Acres business because she plans on marrying Stephen.

Jana Duggar isn’t the only Counting on alum who stays really quiet these days. The rest of the married couples seem very retiring right now as well. For example, Lauren and Josiah stayed quiet so long that TLC fans became alarmed. Jessa Seewald still remains quite active on her social media. However, she’s also quiet about Josh and she dissed the idea of Jana and Stephen Wissmann dating. Mind you, some fans know the Duggars might shut down anything they don’t want in the public eye.

Will Jana Duggar Secretoy Marry Stephen Soon

The rumors about Jana and Stephen have been around for a long time, and many Counting On fans accept them as the truth. The Hollywood Gossip noted that on Reddit, people discuss when the wedding happens rather than it if does. Working with that info, the outlet suggested that she might “be in the midst of planning a quickie wedding so that her family can ship her to a new state before the situation gets even worse!

Is Jana Duggar Gearing Up To Marry Stephen Wissmann Soon?

Actually considering the data that Jana Duggar fans dug up, it’s a possibility that can’t be ruled out. Some of them noticed that the Wissmann clan take a break out of their schedule from August. With Josh next appearing in court in November, potentially, September through October might be a good time for a wedding.

Counting On Family Way More Secretive

In the past, the family always made a point of letting TLC fans know when someone started courting. Plus, news came along with pregnancies, weddings, and more. However, things changed and Jed Duggar secretly married Katey Nakatsu which shocked fans who never saw it coming. Actually, even if Jana and Stephen marry, they probably won’t release the news all over the media at this sensitive time.

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