Isabel Roloff Slams Little People, Big World Fan For Being Really Creepy

Isabel Roloff Slams Little People, Big World Fan For Being Really CreepyIsabel Roloff expects her first child with Jacob and she seemed very upset that a fan creeped her out in Bend, Oregon. Perhaps, it’s the hormones, or even the fact that she never starred on The Little People, Big World show, but clearly, she hates being watched.  Bear in mind, she married Jacob after he departed LPBW so clearly, she never married him for reality TV fame.

Isabel Roloff Adjusts To Life Under Scrutiny

Jacob left the TLC show and he personally avoids reality TV. In fact, he described it as voyeurism. While Zach and Tori remain on the show, invasion of privacy’s not for everyone. So, it’s a hard adjustment for Isabel as she catches the eye of TLC fans desperate for a sighting of anyone related to Little People, Big World. One of her issues lies with fans who body-shame her on social media.

Actually, Isabel Roloff comes off as spiritual and kind. However, she also suffers from anxiety attacks. So, people gawking at her might make her feel a bit threatened. Open and direct about her anxiety, she told her Instagram followers, “There was a time in my life when I thought I was too hard to love, where I was convinced that I was unworthy of it.” Now protected and cared for by Jacob, it seems he can’t do much to protect her from prying eyes.

Isabel Roloff Goes Off At ‘Creeper’

This weekend, a post arrived on Reddit on the r/LittlePeopleBigWorld sub-account. One subscriber described how they spotted Jacob and Isabel in Bend, Oregon. Apparently, they enjoyed a meal in a restaurant. The rest of the post read, “Izzy looked mad the whole time. I think they noticed me trying to figure out if it was them lol.” In response, other Redditors said they noticed that Jacob’s wife obviously saw the post as she shared it on her  Instagram Stories.

Isabel Roloff Slams Little People Big World Fan For Being Really Creepy

Isabel Roloff seemed very upset about the post on Reddit, and about the TLC fan staring at them in the restaurant. In her reply, she said, “LOL this is so f*cking creepy.” Then she explained why she probably looked mad. She wrote, “I looked ‘mad.’ It’s smokey, hot, I’m 6 months pregnant, and I have a creeper staring at me.” It annoyed her as she just tried enjoying “a meal with [her] man.” Angry she added, “The weirdest part is this person didn’t even try to be discreet while staring at me.” Finally, she wrapped it by saying, “I see you, weirdo.”

LPBW Privacy Invasion

As news arrived that Jacob and Isabel expect their first baby, interest is very high right now. Unfortunately, that probably means that as her pregnancy advances, more people will stare at her. If anything, this sort of thing probably reaffirms Jacob’s decision to never star in Little People, Big World again.


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