Jana Duggar Fans Love Her Casual Pants And T-Shirt Style

Jana Duggar Fans Love Her Casual Pants And T-Shirt StyleJana Duggar dressed casually in an outfit that most people would consider normal. Many of her fans seemed blown away by it. It came when she went to watch the Dodgers game in California. Naturally, she wasn’t alone, and her brothers, James and Jason were there. Plus, Jinger and Jeremy, so she was actually chaperoned.

Jana Duggar Dresses Normal Style For Dodgers’ Game

Lots of rumors about the Counting On alum surround a possible marriage to Stephen Wissmann. However, previous rumors suggested that she’s actually gay and prefers the company of her friend Laura DeMasie. In fact, for a while, her dad, Jim Bob had her chaperoned around her bestie. Well, neither rumor ever got confirmed, but she was with her bestie in California last week as well.

Jana Duggar went and got her hair done before the game. She shared that she got some platinum blond streaks in it. Well, it wasn’t a radical change. However, Counting On fans noted that for her it was a huge thing. Bear in mind, she always lived under Jim Bob’s strict rules about dress and hairstyles. Then, she dressed in pants and a tee-shirt and wore a cap when she watched the game.

Jana Duggar Fans Comment On Her Outfit

Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball shared a photo of Jana with her bestie at the Dodgers game. In her caption, she wrote, “Jana officially gives no more Fs. She’s in California with her bestie, wearing pants, a t-shirt & hat at the Dodgers game.” She also talked about the fact that it didn’t look like Jim Bob chaperoned her.

Jana Duggar fans pointed out that as Jeremy and Jinger, James, and Jason were there, she was hardly not chaperoned. However, others talked about how it’s nice to see the eldest daughter of the Duggar clan showing a bit of an independent spirit. Actually, it really looks like she kicked some traces down with her style and fashion.

Fans Comment On Independent Jana

One Jana Duggar fan wrote, “Can you imagine the freedom she feels right now? She is always made to take care of her younger siblings. She may never marry or have kids. She’s just glad to be free! 🙌.” Another fan commented, “Love Jana! She’s just so beautiful! Love seeing her independent and having some fun with Jinger and friends.”

Jana Duggar Fans Love Her Casual Pants And T Shirt Style

What do you think about Jana dressing so normally, and looking so relaxed with life? Do you think she might kick over all the traces and just go her own way eventually? Sound off your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Anne Marie Hollan says

    I think she looks beautiful, she is now at the age she can do what feels right to her, and dresses how she feels, Kudos to her

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