Little People Big World: Did Chris Marek Spoil Matt and Caryn Marrying?

Little People Big World: Did Chris Marek Spoil Matt and Caryn Marrying?Little People, Big World fans focus all eyes on the wedding between Amy Roloff and Chris Marek at the moment. In fact, by this time next week, they should already be enjoying their honeymoon. However, many TLC fans think it’s time that Matt Roloff and his girlfriend, Caryn tie the knot as well. With Amy’s wedding out of the way, might he and Caryn marry soon? Well, some fans think Chris dropped a spoiler on that happening.

Little People, Big World All About Amy And Chris Marek Marrying

In Season 22, fans followed the preparations for Amy and Chris tying the knot. Actually, many people expected it would happen in 2020. However, Amy told her TLC fans that she had sunk most of her money into her new home. Additionally, coronavirus concerns also helped delay it. So, they postponed it to 2021. This coming weekend, it actually finally takes place.

Some Little People, Big World fans hate the idea of Chris Marek marrying Amy. In fact, they fear that she was way too controlling about the wedding arrangements. Plus, Team Matt fans hated that she seemed ungrateful about Matt who made a huge effort to prepare the venue on the farm. Meanwhile, Team Amy seemed delighted that Matt and Caryn won’t attend the wedding. In fact, the two opposing teams of LPBW fans bicker between themselves as to who’s the bigger villain, Amy or Caryn.

Little People, Big World Fans Want Matt And Caryn Married

Team Matt fans really wish that he and Caryn Chandler would just tie the knot already. After all, they love much he smiles these days. Loyal fans set aside the allegations that the couple cheated on Amy before their divorce. And even if they did, some fans believe they should all move on. After all, Amy’s marrying someone else now. So, did that someone drop a hint when Matt and Amy walk down the aisle?

Little People Big World Did Chris Marek Spoil Matt and Caryn Marrying

Season 22 of Little People, Big World revealed that Chris talked to Matt about not inviting them to the wedding. In fact, the LPBW patriarch laughed it off and told him to just “take it off the table.” Actually, fans noticed a strong bromance started between the two men, and they joked and laughed together in the barn. What did Chris say that might mean fans see another wedding for Matt and Caryn in 2022?

Chores, Maintenance, And A Spoiler

In that episode, Matt joked about going with them on their honeymoon. Plus, Chris seemed very grateful for all the work Matt Roloff put into his wedding venue. Additionally, he said that now he’ll be expected to help with the chores and maintenance on the farm. Then he slipped in, “maybe we will come up with some great ideas for you and Caryn for the following year.” Notably, Matt didn’t deny that they might marry next year.

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