Little People, Big World Fans Debate If Amy Roloff Or Caryn Chandler Is WORST Villain!

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff Explains why Ex Matt not invited to weddingLittle People, Big World (LPBW) has focused on showing Amy Roloff planning her wedding to Chris Marek in recent episodes.

And that description sounds sweet and charming, right?

Well, sort of.

While Chris appears thrilled and some family members supportive, Amy herself has come under fire for her approach to wedding planning.

As a result, Little People, Big World fans recently have gotten into heated discussions on message boards over a key question.

Who wins the dubious honor of Worst LPBW star? Find out why Caryn Chandler has become a contender against Amy for biggest LPBW villain below!

Little People Big World: Who Is Caryn Chandler?

In recent episodes, Little People Big World viewers have gotten so focused on Amy that some may have forgotten about Caryn.

But Matt Roloff’s girlfriend is alive, well, and busy polishing her fame star on Instagram.

In a recent post, Chandler shared a photo of herself with Matt.

“And…… that’s a filming wrap for this season. 🎬,” wrote Caryn in her Instagram caption. “I feel Arizona calling our names. Thank you for tuning in and letting us be a little part of your life. (More LPBW episodes dropping every Tuesday). Love to you all.”

So is Chandler hinting that she views herself as one of the leading stars on Little People, Big World? Some fans think that Caryn wants to play a bigger role on the show, edging out the cast who have starred since the first season.

And that’s just one reason why some fans dislike Chandler.

But beyond that reason, some Little People Big World viewers feel that Caryn lured Matt Roloff into her life too soon after his split from Amy.

As a result, those LPBW fans have even accused Caryn of behaving like a so-called gold digger.

However, it takes two to tango, and Matt made himself available.

So given those supposed reasons for disliking Caryn, does she rank as the real villain of Little People Big World? Or does Amy? Find out exactly why some feel Amy is even worse below!

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff Explains why Ex Matt not invited to wedding

Little People Big World Fans Slam Amy Roloff For Wedding Behavior

Some brides view their weddings as the biggest day of their lives.

As a result, these women can get extremely picky about every aspect, from wedding favors for their guests to the cushion carried by the ring bearer.

But many Little People Big World viewers feel that Amy ranks as the biggest bridezilla of them all for the following reasons:

  • Roloff repeatedly refuses to compromise with her future husband Chris.
  • And she doesn’t stop there. Amy also has claimed on the show that she believes they “both compromise in certain ways. I think it’s 50/50.” Ahem. Chris himself admitted he compromises more!
  • And as her wedding day approaches, Amy rushed to complain about Chris to her son Zach and daughter-in-law Tori. Has Roloff set the stage for her own son to dislike her future husband?!

So that leaves us wondering: Do YOU think Amy or Caryn ranks as the biggest villain? Tweet us your views!

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  1. […] Some Little People, Big World fans hate the idea of Chris Marek marrying Amy. In fact, they fear that she was way too controlling about the wedding arrangements. Plus, Team Matt fans hated that she seemed ungrateful about Matt who made a huge effort to prepare the venue on the farm. Meanwhile, Team Amy seemed delighted that Matt and Caryn won’t attend the wedding. In fact, the two opposing teams of LPBW fans bicker between themselves as to who’s the bigger villain, Amy or Caryn. […]

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