Little People, Big World Star Amy Roloff Shocks AGAIN With Wedding Plans!

Little People, Big World Star Amy Roloff Shocks AGAIN With Wedding Plans!Little People, Big World first entered our world as a TV reality show with a twist. TLC introduced us to Matt and Amy Roloff as parents who wanted to succeed despite the challenges of being little people (4 feet tall).

And Amy and Matt initially charmed with their desire to support their children while turning their Roloff Farms business into a winner.

But recent seasons have caused some fans to slam Amy.

First Matt and Amy divorced, which caused some fans to blame Amy. Second, after finding love for a second time with Chris Marek, Amy focused on wedding plans that made the blame game even worse!

As a result, Little People, Big World (LPBW) fans have hoped future episodes would show Amy letting Chris take the wedding planning reins. 

But instead, prepare to feel shocked over Amy’s newest wedding plans. 

Little People, Big World Star Amy Roloff Shocks AGAIN With Wedding Plans!

LPBW Star Amy Roloff Unveils Controversial Wedding Plans!

On Little People, Big World, Amy Roloff has shown her determination to have her wedding her way. And sorry, Chris Marek, but some viewers think you need to get more vocal about your own desires. 

After all, this wedding marks Chris’ first walk down the aisle. As a result, LPBW fans feel Amy should give Chris a break.  But no. Amy wants to win every decision. 

And now Amy’s newest wedding plans plus her rationale have got some viewers questioning why she seems, as one fan wrote, “so bitter and so angry.”

After all, in recent episodes, Little People Big World viewers have seen Amy repeatedly get her way with wedding plans. And her history shows a pattern. 

“SHE chose to stay on the farm (when she knew Matt was eager to buy her out),” pointed out one fan.

In addition, Amy “dragged her feet once she finally decided to move out.”

But in particular, her controversial decision to tie the knot with Chris on Matt’s farm has solidified that negative image.  

Little People, Big World Star Amy Roloff Shocks AGAIN With Wedding Plans!

Amy Roloff Talks Wedding Plans: Guess Who’s NOT Invited!

When Amy announced plans to marry on her ex-husband Matt’s Roloff Farms, Little People Big World fans assumed Matt would get a special invitation.


And in a preview clip from People, Amy reveals a reason that’s sure to stir up even more of a backlash!

Why not invite Matt?

Amy claims that she felt her ex would make her wedding day more stressful. 

But what makes this “no invitation for you” decision so shocking stems from last year’s statement from Amy. 

At the time, the Little People Big World star did suggest that both Matt and his girlfriend Caryn could attend her wedding. 

Now Amy has switched completely, and she insisted on sharing the blame for her invitation withdrawal with Chris.

“Chris and I debated whether to invite Matt and Caryn to the wedding,” claimed Amy. “But we decided against it. I think it causes less drama and I think that’s better for everyone,” she said in a preview clip.

Intriguingly, a separate preview clip shows Chris admitting he assumed that of course Matt and Caryn would receive invitations.

“But then I saw where it could be awkward for some people that were going to be at the wedding and especially maybe for Amy,” Marek said haltingly. 

What will happen next in Amy Roloff’s wedding planning journey? Could she make the situation any worse? Be sure to check back on our site for all your Little People, Big World news!

  1. Sawicki Diane says

    I wouldn’t want my ex at my next marriage that just tacky

  2. Brenda Goodwin says

    I dont think Matt and his girlfriend should get invitation to Amy at Chris’s wedding I know I wouldn’t want my ex-husband at my wedding it would be too awkward this is Chris and Amy’s day not mats or his girlfriend that’s their day to do enjoy with each other and their friends and family. It just gets me how people are still blaming Amy for the divorce and still upset with her cuz she didn’t move out as Matt wanted I’m say leave it alone he’s the one who had the affair and if it would have been me I would have stayed in the house as long as I wanted to she didn’t have to move so let’s leave the past in the past and get on with the future and leave her alone let her enjoy her new life with somebody that loves her.

  3. MaryEllen says

    Chris needs too rethink getting married. Amy has always wanted too wear the pants that is why she and Matt got divorced. If Matt and Caren are not going too be invited than they need too get married someplace else. Amy is a loon.

  4. Coleen says

    The decision to not invite Matt and Caryn was smart, Really who the heck wants their ex at their Wedding. And watching the show Matt and Caryn agreed with their decision.

  5. Jo says

    When did Matt have an affair ? as in what season or yr? Cause Amy might have suspected he did but I must have missed the episode, I haven’t missed any episodes that I know of , since the show first aired ! AMY suggested that Matt had an affair but couldn’t or didn’t prove it cause to this day she’d still be screaming it clear to the rooftops! Moving fwd is in her best interest but don’t say or insinuate ppl do or don’t do things til u prove it !

  6. Donna Hodos says

    I think Amy should be thankful that Chris even wants to marry her she’s very controlling and demanding with them I really like him and I really like her but the way she’s been acting lately I’m switching to cyran Chris has tried to be very patient and understanding but I think it’s very rude that she not ask Matt and his girlfriend because it’s on the farm the kids and grandkids are involved and they’ve been trying to establish family boundaries and family time together I think it’s just Amy’s insecurities and jealousy and for god sakes Amy get some braces you and your son again it’s Christmas for sweating and I think the whole Rock theme was dumb anxiously awaiting to see how this wedding is going to throw down but Chris you need to get some backbone now or forever hold your peace a viewer in Ohio

  7. Josefina Guerrero says

    I believe that Amy is causing so much drama about her wedding plans that she forgets there are two person’s involved in this wedding!!!
    Come on Amy give Chris a break .
    You have been a bride before but this is Chris’s first!!!

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