Married At First Sight Spoilers: Brett’s Parents NOT Impressed With Ryan

Married At First Sight: Brett and Ryan Ignasiak

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Brett and Ryan Ignasiak were matched on season 13 of MAFS. Brett hasn’t been kissed in two years and Ryan admits to being a serial dater, but the two are committed to the process and hope they find their happily ever after.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Ryan Meets With Brett’s Parents

Ryan has breakfast with Don and Nancy, the two have a lot of questions for him. Nancy asks Ryan what he thought when he first saw Brett, he says “I mean just the (long pause to think) obviously the first thing I am going to see is the hair, which is different, I can’t say that I’ve dated a redhead. They’re either beautiful or they are not, there is no in-between with redheads.” Don asks if at any time Ryan thought about backing out, Ryan replies, “No, I mean, I have no intention of starting over and doing this all again because there is no way I am topping last night ever again regardless.” Nancy asks if he has any questions, what are his intentions and Ryan is tongue-tied.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Don And Nancy Are Not Impressed

Brett’s parents don’t look at all impressed with Ryan. He has no questions about his wife who he just met and he has no idea what his intentions are? Nancy lets him know that her daughter deserves the best and someone who wants to be there. After an awkward conversation over breakfast, Ryan tells them that he knows he has a lot to prove.

On her wedding day, Brett admitted, “I’ve definitely been hurt in past relationships a lot, probably more often than one person should have to experience, I’ve tried really hard and I’m definitely a commitment girl. I just believe in honoring your commitments, but I haven’t had that in return.” Brett wasn’t entirely excited about how country Ryan is, and they both learn that they really aren’t normally each other’s type. And, not sure if Brett has learned about Ryan’s nickname yet, “The Reformed Serial?”

What do you think of Brett and Ryan? Do you think this odd couple can make it for the long haul, or ever past Decision Day?

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