Married At First Sight Spoilers: Gil Cuero Is No Stranger To TV

Married At First Sight: Gil Cuero and Myrla Feria

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Gil Cuero was matched with Myrla Feria on season 13 of MAFS.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Gil Cuero Has Come A Long Way

Gil’s firefighter journey only started a few years ago, and he only received his certification about a year ago. Back in 2012 Gil started competing as a bodybuilder, he then went on to become a personal trainer and his company was called Majestic Fitness and he collaborated with a guy named Caesar on “Total Transformation.” On to the TV stuff, Gil appeared on a local Spanish television station as their in-house personal trainer.

Married At First Sight: Gil Cuero

Married At First Sight Updates – Gil Cuero & Myrla Feria

Present-day, Gil makes less than half of what Myrla makes and she definitely said she didn’t want a bald man, and she does not like dogs. Gil is a bald firefighter with a put bull! What the experts were thinking when they matched Gil with bougie over the top Myrla, is anyone’s guess. Gil has a lot of potentials to make money, but he has said that money is not important to him. Myrla on the other hand is firm that she will not be changing her comfort and present bougie lifestyle for anyone.

Gil is handsome and some fans think he may be suited for another reality show, “Well well well well…. sign him for the bachelor” or “When Jamie Otis gets tired of hosting, he should take over!”

MAFS fans really like Gil, but we can’t same the same for Myrla, “I hope she doesn’t really go too much deeper in the world of plastic surgery and end up like Darcy with her addiction to it. Darcy and Myrla actually give me similar vibes in certain ways now that you bring it up,” and “she lucked out and she’s sour about everything! She doesn’t deserve nice things if she can’t be grateful & kind. He’s amazing! Give him up; I’ll take him!”

This mismatch really isn’t Myrla or Gil’s fault, it comes down to the experts. Sometimes opposites attract, but in the case of these two, there are just too many things that make them opposites and there doesn’t seem to be a way, or a want, to meet in the middle.

What do you think of Gil and Myrla? Do you think these two have a chance to make it past Decision Day?

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  1. […] Some of the obvious mismatches this season are Myrla and Gil, two completely different people who clearly don’t have a chance. He is a down-to-earth blue-collar worker who loves his pitbull and she is a bougie uber confident woman who disliked dogs. Johnny ghosted Bao before they met and has had 100 first dates; huge red flags there. Jose is obsessed with budgeting and saving money, Rachel likes to travel and spend. […]

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