Married At First Sight Spoilers: Season 13 Is VERY Predictable

Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that 13 has begun and so far, the season has been very predictable.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – There Are Five Couples

Myrla and Gil, right from the start we could see that this match is a fail. Myrla comes across as high maintenance, uptight, and a snob. Myrla told the experts that she wasn’t attracted to a bald man, and they give her, a bald man. She loves her designer stuff and says that she won’t change for anyone. Even Myrla’s friends say that she is not willing to compromise. Gil on the other hand is a proud Columbian who is a firefighter that yearns for a traditional family and says that he is not in the least bit materialistic. Gil comes off as a really nice and caring guy. These two are really the train wreck of the season.

Michaela and Zach are terrific, they are so adorable and look like a great match right from the start.

Bao and Johnny are another great couple, they share their history, culture, the same beliefs, and they both are quirky. They both laugh easily with each other and were talking babies on the dance floor! These two have a really good chance of making it past Decision Day.

Brett and Ryan are a fail. Sadly Ryan is not ready for a relationship and he is a pretty boring guy. Brett is excited and looking for her happily ever after, but all we see is a disappointment for her in this match-up. And, definitely, Ryan’s admitting that he is a serial dater is concerning.

Rachel and Jose are yet another fail, fans don’t think that Rachel is going to live up to Jose’s high standards. The match just doesn’t feel good, they will have a rocky beginning and it is highly unlikely that these two will make it past Decision Day.

Married At First Sight Updates – Decision Day Predictions

If this season works out the way it seems to be going at this point, the odds are pretty good that there will be two couples that make it past Decision Day and have a good chance of having a happily ever after; Michaela and Zach, Johnny and Bao.

It really is too bad that the process of matching these couples isn’t done better. Clearly there are red flags why some of these couples should not be matched, but the decision-makers at MAFS match them anyway. These are real people and hopefully, the predictions are wrong and they get over the speed bumps and have long-lasting and healthy relationships.

There have never been more than two couples that make it out of the five couples per season, so it looks like season 13 is on track!

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  3. Jonelle says

    I think that the MAFS experts need to regroup and think better beore confiming a match. Season 12 match with Chris and Paige was a total AVOIDABLE disaster: simple background research and a bit longer talking with CRAZY, SELFISH and non deserving Chis would have gone a long way to save Paige from all that drama. You guys still owe her both a public apology and a new REAL guys to date.

    Now, in Season 13, as the number implies, you are starting out with total disasters: Zack and Gil deserves better than the selfish Michaela and OH MY GOD, the “demanding”, selfish and self God Myria”, she needs to marry herself. Zach and Gil are handsome, successful and apparently respectful gentlemen that SHOULD have been matched better. Tusami is on the way for Season 13. Maybe it’s time to replace these so called experts. And YES, even me, the “I see the storm from the beginning” complainer, can do MUCH better,

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