My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Fans Want Whitney Way Thore’s Show Canceled

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Fans Want Whitney Way Thore’s Show CanceledMy Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers indicate that fans want the show canceled due to Whitney Way Thore’s constant whining. Has the allure of the supersize twerker worn off?

Whitney Used To Draw Fans

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney has been entertaining fans for 9 seasons once the new season begins on August 17th. However, Whitney seems to be inspired to help others when the show first appeared. Now it is becoming a bad version of The Bachelorette meets 90 Day Fiance’. Although Whitney still has some supporters, the majority of fans simply want her gone. Some fans believe that Whitney is a bad example to young girls everywhere. However, it is not Whitney’s size that concerns her fans nearly as much as it is her love life. Whitney leans on pal Buddy Bell when she doesn’t have anyone else and then dismisses him when she has a man. Whitney tends to cut off all her friends and concentrate on the current man in her life. Perhaps Whitney needs to start to have some respect for herself before she expects a man to respect her.

Whitney Usually Shuts Down Haters

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney usually shuts down haters, however, lately, she has been pretty quiet. Fans believe that Whitney may be in France with her new man and that is why she’s not confronting her haters as much. Whitney didn’t do very well during the pandemic, she actually ended up almost home-bound because of her anxiety. Buddy stayed with Whitney and took care of her as best he could. However, Whitney takes spells wanting Buddy around and she could simply be too busy to worry about anyone else at the moment. However, we are sure Whitney will be trading words with haters again soon.

Whitney Is running Fans Hopes And Dreams

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney admits to being very nasty to one fan recently. Whitney was waiting on a delivery and rushed to the door when the bell sounded to find a girl standing there. Whitney figured out that the girl was a fan and not a delivery person. Whitney admits to jumping onto the girl and telling her she shouldn’t be there. Whitney even tried to slam the door in the girl’s face. Whitney claims to have felt bad because she probably hurt the girl’s feelings. Fans believe she did more than that if the girl was really a fan. However, Whitney still believes the girls should have kept her distance.

It seems that Whitney has forgotten that she chose to put her life and herself in the spotlight when she agreed to do the show. Perhaps she is entitled to her privacy, but some fans look up to her and she owes them some respect. If My Big Fat Fabulous Life gets canceled over Whitney losing fans, it is by far no one’s fault but her own.

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