My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Jessica Powell STEALS Spotlight From Whitney Way Thore?!

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Jessica Powell STEALS Spotlight From Whitney Way Thore?!My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers hint at Whitney Way Thore getting forced to SHARE the spotlight this season. 

And the cast member who might steal that spotlight isn’t even a new star!

Remember Jessica Powell, the impressively fit personal trainer who guided Whitney? Well, Jessica just might step up to the cameras and OUTSHINE Thore this season!

Find out how and why Powell gets involved in upcoming episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life below. 

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Whitney Way Thore Began On YouTube

Whitney Way Thore first captured the public’s attention in her now-famous YouTube video, “Fat Girl Dancing.”

As a result of that video, TLC asked Thore about starring in her own show. But rather than focus on dancing, the title emphasized the “fabulosity” aspect of her life.

On My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney has set out to prove that she can stay fit without weight loss. For example, the reality TV star taught dance for other “big girls.”

In addition, Thore flaunted her romances, friendships, and family members with viewers. And the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star didn’t stop there.

This season, we’ll see Whitney dare to try competing with big name companies by creating her own online fitness biz. And that’s where Jessica Powell comes in! 

But don’t limit Powell’s potential to work. As we reveal below, Jessica could steal the spotlight in not one but TWO ways!

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: TWO Ways Jessica Powell Could Shine!

Let’s look at two ways in which Jessica Powell might steal Whitney Way Thore’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life spotlight.

First, Jessica could shine in the romantic segments of the show. Powell recently announced her engagement on her Instagram.  

But did Whitney step up and share her excitement for her friend? Not visibly! 

With Thore recently going through heartbreak over her cheating beau Chase Severino, Jessica offers My Big Fat Fabulous Life a chance to lighten the romantic mood. 

Worth noting: We do know from her Instagram that Whitney has a new man in her life. But given that she’s hiding his face, we have to wonder if Thore will share ANYTHING about him on the show!

In addition to romance, Powell could steal Whitney’s spotlight in their fitness biz. We know that Thore wants to make exercise into a career. 

But Whitney faces the challenge of repeatedly getting called out by her followers for her weight. In fact, her new Instagram post focuses on that exact topic!

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Jessica Powell STEALS Spotlight From Whitney Way Thore?!

In response to viewer comments that she has not lost weight, Thore slammed the subject on social media.

“This — on everything I post, always. So tired of it, exhausted by it, annoyed with it. Can we please find something else to talk about? Suggest good topics in the comments,” pleaded the star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

Can Whitney overcome the focus on her weight to push her fitness business in her TV show? And will she introduce us to her new man?

Or will the upcoming season show Jessica Powell taking the spotlight by finding forever love AND business success?! Be sure to check back on our site for all your My Big Fat Fabulous Life news and updates!

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