OutDaughtered Dad Adam Busby Ponders The Cost Of Vacations

OutDaughtered Dad Adam Busby Ponders The Cost Of VacationsOutDaughtered fans often see Danielle and Adam Busby take the quints and Blayke on vacation. Actually, some fans complain about it. Every single post about any trip away draws comments about how they can afford it and snarky comments about how they go away more often than average.

Well, some episodes are for the show, which helps. Plus, Adam and his wife own and operate about seven businesses. So, they work hard and can afford to spend money on these trips. Now, Adam pondered the cost.

OutDaughtered Vacations This Year

This summer, the family spent a lot of time at home as the kids all attended camps. While they got away, the trips didn’t seem excessively expensive. They visited Splashway Water Park near Houston twice.

Then, they spend time with relatives in Lake Charles, Louisiana. In between those short trips, the kids enjoyed their day camps. Plus, they took their allowances and shopped for some makeup. Adam said that when they visit the beauty shop, the kids are “in heaven.

With summer waning, the OutDaughtered family finally squeezed in a trip to the beach. Right now, they visit Orange Beach in Alabama. of course, everyone loves a vacation at the seaside. Sun, sand, and warmth soon become distant memories once the winter chill sets in. So far, Danielle and Adam revealed that they spend most of their days on the beach. And, it seems that Adam feels it’s worth every dollar spent.

OutDaughtered Dad Finds Money Well Spent On Beach Trip

On Tuesday, August 3, TLC star Adam posted up a photo of Hazel and Riley on his Instagram. Quite a good photographer, he captured the vast expanse of the sand and the dreamy colors of the ocean. Hazel bent over and placed her hands in the water. However, the main focus showed Riley Busby in profile as she stared at the sea with a rapt expression on her face.

OutDaughtered Dad Adam Busby Ponders The Cost Of Vacations

The OutDaughtered dad captioned his post with, “When we take them on trips, that’s the look that we as parents are looking for in our kids. Wonder.” Well, the monetary cost of a trip like this certainly seems worthwhile as the quints explore their world and seem appreciative of nature. Can anyone actually put a price on the cost of awe and wonder? It must make the quints’ mom and dad feel very happy on their behalf.

Fans Comment On Awe And Wonder

Taking to the comments, TLC fans chatted about kids discovering beauty in the world. One of them wrote, “Makes it all worth it! 😊” Then another one noted, “That’s exactly what we like with our boys too! So beautiful ❤️.”

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