Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Auralee Briney Update

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Auralee Briney Update   Seeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that fans are curious about what happened to some of the first season cast members. One cast member that they want to know more about is Auralee Briney. She was one of the wives of Drew Briney and many fans really loved her. What happened to her and what is she doing these days?

Social Media Posts

Auralee married Drew and became his second wife. She did grow up in a polygamous family, so she knew what it meant to be a sister wife. She has embraced the lifestyle for years and fans really liked the way she portrayed her family and lifestyle on the show. She has six children with Drew as well.

Fans started worrying when they found out that Auralee had stopped posting on social media. We haven’t seen her post on Instagram in over a year, but she did post on the Briney’s Instagram account a few times. The family also used to have a blog about their marriage, but that link has since been deactivated too. So what has happened to Auralee?

Auralee’s Work with Organizations

Auralee has always been self-conscious about her speech impediment. She told her fans that she had started volunteering for many organizations and boosting their fund raising. She works with organizations that help families with financial problems due to natural disasters, such as hurricanes. She has also worked with organizations that help those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Auralee Briney Update

There are not a lot of clues on what Auralee is doing these days, but she still has a Facebook account that is active, but it also has not been updated in a few years. Perhaps the fame of being on the show got to her, but it does seem as if she is doing fine so far. We hope that we will get an update from her sooner than later. Perhaps she will post on Instagram soon.

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