Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Will The Winders Come Back?

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Will The Winders Come Back?Seeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that the Winder family may be back on the fourth season of the show. The first question that we all need to ask is if there actually will be a fourth season of the show. With the charges against Dimitri Snowden, TLC has yet to make a statement about the new season of Seeking Sister Wife. If the show doesn’t come back, the Winder family has already said just how disappointed they will be.

The Winders

The last time we saw the Winder family, they were making time with a sister wife hopeful, Kimberley. During the who process, Colton Winder felt very uncomfortable and looked it too. In the end, the Winders just wanted to be her friend and did not move forward with her as another wife. The Winders didn’t get that family feeling from her and felt like she wasn’t destined to be in their family.

These things happen and the Winders understand just how tough it can be to find another wife. The family has been posting on Instagram a lot lately and some fans think that they could be giving hints about a new wife or a new show. We are not quite sure which yet.

The Newest Updates

If there is going to be a fourth season of Seeking Sister Wife, the Winders are in! They have talked about it quite a bit with their fans and they have told the network know that they would be onboard if it happens. Sophie Winder is currently pregnant with a baby girl, who is due in November, and the family thinks that this would make a great storyline!

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Will The Winders Come Back?

We would like to see more of the Winders and for now, all we can do is hope that TLC wants them back as much as they want to be back! They continue to talk about the new projects that they have lined up, so let’s hope things are going great for them!

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