Sister Wives Christine Brown Sets Off On A Road Trip

Sister Wives Christine Brown Sets Off On A Road TripSister Wives star Christine Brown set tongues wagging last week when she suddenly listed her Flagstaff home for sale. Mind you, as she only has a few kids living with her right now, it might be an idea to offload a large home and get more flexibility on where she might live. Well, a day later,  she revealed that she and two of her daughters hit the road and travel all over the place together.

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Hinted At Moving To Utah

In the last season of the show, Christine Brown approached Kody about relocating back to Utah. Well, TLC fans know that he got all grumpy because previously, the wives all said no to moving there.

However, for Christine, so many of her kids live there it’s understandable that she’d like to be there. Her mom lives there, and her daughter Mykelti Padron, who recently had a baby. Plus Aspyn and Mitch live there and fans suspect Paedon does as well.  Now she listed her home, she might actually move with or without him, fans think.

Sister Wives fans saw in the last season, that Kody, who usually hops between wives, took a lot of heat for expecting them to open their arms to him. After all, it was filmed during the height of the coronavirus. Things went sour between him and Christine who said to Meri at one stage that she just can’t do marriage with Kody anymore. So, fans suspect she sells up now and moves to Utah. Perhaps the road trip is part of taking a look around with that in mind.

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown On A Road Trip

The only daughter who might still need to live with Christine Brown is Truely. Gwendlyn graduated last year, and this year, Ysabel did as well. If the older girls cut loose, then perhaps taking Truely with her to Utah might be in mind. However, right now, that’s all speculation. Anyway, she took Ysabel and Truely with her on a road trip and shared some photos along the way.

Sister Wives Christine Brown Sets Off On A Road Trip

The Sister Wives star said in her caption this weekend, “Traveling cross country with @truelygracebrown and @ysabelpaigebrown has been absolutely delightful! We’ve met so many wonderful people! There’s nothing like traveling and meeting new people that restores your hope in humanity!” 

Fans Comment On The Road Trip And The Kids

Fans of Christine Brown chatted about the girls in the comments section. Lots of them noticed that Truely gets so big now. Not just big as in years, but big and strong as well. Meanwhile, others talked about how Ysabel seems like the spitting image of her mom. Talking about road trips. many of them agreed that sometimes those make the best vacations.

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