Survivor, Amazing Race, The Bachelor: Which Wins For Most Reality TV Show Applications?!

Survivor, Amazing Race, The Bachelor: Which Wins For Most Reality TV Show Applications?!Ever thought about applying to compete in a reality TV show? 

If so, you’re not alone. 

Some folks love the concept of Survivor, despite the famously horrific living conditions and potential to hear those dread words from Jeff Probst: “The Tribe Has Spoken.”

Others think that teaming up with a pal and trekking around the world to win The Amazing Race and that $1 million prize sounds irresistible. And they apparently have no fear of listening to host Phil Keoghan spell out some often horrific challenges.

And then there are those who feel love can solve everything. For them, competing on The Bachelor seems like the ultimate dream (we’ll take one rose, please). 

So which reality TV show competition garners the most applications? Find out below!

Reality TV Competition Shows That Attract Applicants

Many reality TV competition shows exist.

For those who fancy themselves superb singers, for example, “The Voice” and “American Idol” seem like ideal ways to go from amateur to professional. (Just ask Carrie Underwood!)

And then there’s “America’s Got Talent.” Have trained dogs who can dance? Magic tricks that enchant? Sign up for AGT to win!

But the three reality TV show competitions repeatedly attract the most applicants don’t really require extraordinary talent. 

To determine the most popular reality TV shows in terms of getting applications, the online and phone comparison and switching service Uswitch evaluated Google data, reported Penn Live.

Top Three Reality TV Competition Shows For Most Applicants

The reality TV competition show winning for the most applicants?


This CBS show attracted 79,200 searches for the application form for Survivor over a one-year period.

However, before you join those applicants, remember what you’ll face. Survivor pits you against total strangers.

Set down in an area where isolation is the name of the game, just seeking food and building shelter can separate the winners from the losers. The prize: $1 million.

In second place: The Bachelor.

The romantic competition resulted in 43,200 searches for an application.

This ABC show features men dating a variety of women. The goal: Lasting love.

And last, but not least: The Amazing Race.

Survivor, Amazing Race, The Bachelor: Which Wins For Most Reality TV Show Applications?!

Nearly 35,000 people hunted for an application to apply to compete in The Amazing Race.

This CBS show most recently faced challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the prize of $1 million still attracts applicants!

What Other Shows Attract Applications?

Following Survivor, The Bachelor, and The Amazing Race, The Circle TV show attracts the most applications.

This show resulted in 19,200 searches for applications.

Next up: The Bachelorette, which sparked 12,000 hunts to apply.

And romance seemed to be a theme, with Love Island taking the next spot for applicants with 10,560 searches.

Other shows attracting an impressive number of application searches included:

  • The Chase with 10,560
  • Family Feud with 8,640
  • Are You the One? with 7,080

Be sure to check back on our site for details on all these reality TV shows!

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