Teen Mom Star Kailyn Lowry Feels Guilty About Getting COVID-19

Teen Mom Star Kailyn Lowry Feels Guilty About Getting COVID-19Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has COVID-19 and so has just about everyone in her family. Plus. her co-host, Vee Rivera also went down with the illness. Well, it’s not the first time that COVID visited itself upon the family, and apparently Lincoln tested positive back in March. Plus, his dad, Javi also went down with the virus. Actually, Kail took precautions but feels a bit guilty now as she thinks she passed it on to Vee.

Teen Mom Star Kailyn Lowry Feels Miserable With COVID-19

Kailyn Lowry once said that having a lot of money can ruin relationships. Well, having money meant she could vacation in the Dominican Republic with her family. And now they returned, they all got sick. In fact, it’s quite possible that she picked up the virus while on the trip. Even though she took care with testing, she felt unwell, and sort of knew she had it. Her worries became a lot stronger when she lost her sense of taste and smell.

The Teen Mom 2 star does the podcast with Vee Rivera and yes, if you watched the show, you know that Kailyn Lowry and Jordan Wenner broke up after she had an affair with Jo Rivera. Well, Vee and Jo are together and now she got COVID as well. Kailyn later became engaged to Javi Marroquin. Actually, she recently admitted that after they split, there’s always a possibility that they might get together again. However, right now, he’s probably feeling too ill to even think about it.

Teen Mom Star Thinks She Gave The Virus To Vee

Kailyn Lowry and Vee spoke on the Baby Mamas No Drama Podcast and they revealed the fact that the coronavirus runs through the family. Kailyn feels terribly bad as she suspects Vee got it from her. Plus, Vee is now isolating from her own family. People Magazine reported that she said that she and the family undertook tests while on vacation. Plus, more tests came when they returned. However a few days later, despite testing negative, Kail felt really sick. Probably, fans think she should cut back on all these trips during the pandemic.

Teen Mom Star Kailyn Lowry Feels Guilty About Getting COVID-19

The Teen Mom alum noted that probably when they carried out the previous week’s recording, Vee picked it up from her. Feeling bad, and a bit guilty, Kailyn Lowry said, “I would not have been around people if I knew I had COVID, but I tested negative twice.” Well, she possibly felt a bit safe as she previously had COVID when she visited Iceland last year. Nonetheless, it’s not clear how much immunity comes, or for how long. Plus, it’s not clear that she ever got vaccinated.

Fortunately, The Kids Are Asymptomatic

Kailyn Lowry feels sick, but Vee doesn’t feel terrible as yet and ascribes that to getting the vaccine. Meanwhile, Kail’s kids probably won’t get the vax as she seemed very much against it in the past. Luckily, all the kids who have it are not showing any symptoms at the moment.

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