Unexpected Mom Chloe Mendoza Reveals Ava’s New Milestone

Unexpected Mom Chloe Mendoza Reveals Ava’s New MilestoneUnexpected mom Chloe Mendoza and Max split and she simply won’t let him back into her life. Or, into the life of their child, Ava. She seems much more confident and much happier without Max who ended up in jail. Plus, her daughter Ava looks well and happy. So, it seems that the ugly clashes between her mom and dad left no scars on the cute kid. Now, Chloe proudly revealed that Ava hit a new milestone this week.

Unexpected Mom Chloe Mendoza Without Max Schenzel

Max was told back in the first season of the TLC show that if he went to jail, it would be “bye-bye Daddy.” She actually meant it, and for some time now, he sits under a restraining order that prevents him from contacting Chloe or her family. He went it jail eventually, and then claimed he made himself a better man. Actually, he mocked his co-star Anthony Vanelli for landing up arrested as well.

The Unexpected ex of Chloe Mendoza went off to rehab and felt that gave him one up on Anthony. Actually, he seemed delighted that other stars on the TLC show mess up their lives. Notably, he seemed very quiet when the news arrived that the assault with a firearm charge was dropped against Anthony.  Well, being a keyboard warrior never yet helped him get to see his daughter and celebrate her milestones. Chloe gets on with her life without him.

Unexpected Mom Chloe Mendoza On Ava’s New Milestone

This week, Chloe took to her Instagram and revealed that Ava started Pre-K. She captioned her photo with, “Officially a Preschooler now!” In the photo that she shared, Ava wore a yellow, white and green outfit. It was decorated with attractive sunflowers. Additionally, she wore her hair in two tails and smiled sweetly for the camera. The @tlcunexpected account shared it with their followers on Instagram.

Unexpected Mom Chloe Mendoza Reveals Ava's New Milestone

Fans of Unexpected mom Chloe Mendoza commented on the cute photo. Some of them agreed that she looks very much like her mom. Actually, nobody seems to think she looks much like her dad. However probably, she’s a cute little blend of both of them Plus, for all his faults, Max isn’t a bad-looking guy. Some fans wished her all the best of luck at preschool. One of them noted, “She is so beautiful good luck at preschool!!❤”

Is Ava’s Mom Still DatingHer New Boyfriend?

At the end of last year, Chloe started sharing about her new boyfriend. However, she seems much quieter on social media these days, so it’s not clear where she met him, or if they still date each other. Possibly they met at college as she studies hard to make a great life for her daughter.

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  1. […] If you’re familiar with the show, you know that Max came along with a shady history. Fans discovered that he was in trouble for using a credit card that wasn’t his. Additionally, he had a history of drug problems. In fact, he seems unconcerned that he might end up in jail one day. Chloe wanted him, if that happened it was all over. Anyway, since then she took out a restraining order against him. So, he can’t communicate with her family or Ava. […]

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