Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: Can Matt Change Moriah’s Mind About Marriage?

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: Can Matt Change Moriah’s Mind About Marriage?Welcome To Plathville Spoilers indicate that Matt Kallschmidt plans to marry Moriah Plath one day. Unfortunately, Kim and Barry Plath’s feud with Ethan Plath over his wife Olivia Plath has turned Moriah against marriage, can Matt change her mind?

Matt Isn’t Ready Just Yet

On the season premiere of Welcome To Plathville, Matt revealed his plan to Micah Plath that he plans to marry his sister Moriah. Matt even enlisted Micah in his plan to find out Moriah’s ring size so he could get her a promise ring. Matt needed some additional help and also included sister Lydia Plath in his plan as well.

Between Michah and Lydia, and with some unknown help from Kim, they managed to get Moriah’s pinky finger size so that Matt could purchase the ring. Of course, this is just a promise ring and he wants it for her pinky finger as a special symbol of their love. Unfortunately, Moriah may disagree with the plan to get married altogether.

Ethan Is Being Pulled In Two

Welcome to Plathville’s Ethan is torn. Unless Ethan and Olivia conform to his parents’ demands, they are not allowed to see the children. Ethan loves his brothers and sisters. Ethan loves his wife as well. However, because of the issues between Olivia and Kim, Ethan cannot be around his siblings at all.

Ethan’s parents don’t trust Ethan and Olivia alone with the child so it is better to just stay away. Unfortunately, this feud is causing problems in Ethan’s marriage too. After all, Ethan would not be in this situation if he weren’t married to Olivia. Neither Olivia nor Kim is willing to give an inch. Ethan is simply caught in the middle with no way to turn.

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: Can Matt Change Moriah’s Mind About Marriage?

Moriah Is Turned Off On Marriage Because The Feud Started At The Wedding

The feud between Welcome to Plathville’s Olivia, Ethan, Kim, and Barry started at Ethan’s wedding. It seems that during the power outage before the wedding, Kim tried to take over and this upset Olivia greatly. Moriah loves Matt but her fears of the same thing happening to her cannot be far from the surface.

After all, everyone’s emotions are still on edge after the confrontation between Olivia and Kim. Can Moriah get past these fears and move on in her relationship with Matt? Is Moriah afraid that her parents will turn on Matt as well?

Kim and Barry will certainly have something to say about Moriah and Matt’s relationship when he brings up marriage. Can Moriah get past her fears of their actions and marry the man of her dreams?

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  1. Jacelyn says

    Kim Plath needs to keep her big nose out of her older kids private life unless she is asked by them for advice. She will ruin Lydias life with her boyfriend like she has Ethan and Olivias lives.

    1. Susan verzani says

      This is so true. It’s not like you were going to bring harm to the kids. She needs to stay in her own lanes.

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