Will Josh Duggar Sending Text Messages Help To Convict Him?

Will Josh Duggar Sending Text Messages Help To Convict Him?Josh Duggar never featured in Counting On, but he played a big role in 19 Kids and Counting before TLC canceled the show. Of course, that happened when the news emerged that he sexually abused some of his younger sisters.

Actually, many fans felt his dad, Jim Bob didn’t do enough to put him on the straight and narrow. So, few of them felt surprised when Josh ended up arrested and charged for possessing content showing young abused girls. Claiming he’s innocent, can his own text messages help to get a conviction?

Josh Duggar Claims Innocent Of The Charges

Anna Duggar, Josh, and his dad, the patriarch of Counting On claim his innocence. Actually, already, his legal team tries stirring up a fuss about the evidence the federal agents claim proves his guilt. Recall, agents checked out his computers and devices and say they found that he downloaded illicit content on his laptop at his car lot. His legal team claimed that the prosecution isn’t giving them the evidence they need to prepare for the trial.

Well, as far as the prosecution stands on the trial of Josh Duggar, they see it as a straightforward case and claimed that he just stalls. In fact, they said, “His motion represents… a request to embark on an impermissible fishing expedition for evidence.” However, it might not be as straightforward as TLC fans believe. After all, The Hollywood Gossip reported that Jim Bob suspects another employee downloaded the illicit content.

Josh Duggar Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Well, it looks like the legal team for Josh will require the prosecution to prove that Josh actually downloaded the content, and not someone else. Naturally, if they can’t prove that, then the courts will probably assume that he’s innocent as he claims. After all, he never faced any trial or convictions when he admitted to fiddling with his little sisters inappropriately. So, he’s a first offender as far as the courts are concerned.

Will Josh Duggar Sending Text Messages Help To Convict Him

Josh Duggar might claim that an employee used his laptop to download the content, leaving him to face the music. However, The Hollywood Gossip reported that his very own text messages might tie him into the download dates and times. The outlet told Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting fans, that “the analysis of his electronics included a sizable helping of Josh’s text messages, stored on the iCloud.

Present When Content Was Downloaded

Allegedly, messages that Josh sent were done when he was near or at his laptop. Apparently, he sent a text message from the car lot saying, “Got stuck here and still not free yet.” According to the prosecution, just 10 minutes later, the computer was used to access illicit content. Later more downloads happened and that tied in with another text message confirming he was at the car lot.

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