1000-Lb. Sisters: Tammy and Amy’s Zodiac Signs Clash?

1000-Lb. Sisters: Tammy and Amy’s Zodiac Signs Clash? 1000-Lb. Sisters spoilers show that fans know Tammy and Amy Slaton as the stars of 1000-Lb. Sisters but may not know that Tammy’s Leo sun sign and Amy’s Scorpio sign seem to fit perfectly with their personalities.

Fans have followed along with Tammy and Amy as they navigate through life in front of the camera.

What fans are not likely to know, though, is what their zodiac signs are and how they manifest in their lives and their relationship.

According to ScreenRant, more insight can be had into the reality TV star’s personalities through understanding how the zodiac affects their personalities and their relationship to one another.

1000-Lb. Sisters: An Aversion to Dishonesty and Unreliability

Amy is a Scorpio and thus brings deep thought and passion into the mix and Tammy’s a Leo bringing enthusiasm, fun, and liveliness into the relationship.

Amy was born in Kentucky on October 28, 1987, which makes her a Scorpio but more importantly, it makes her close to a Scorpio/Libra cusp which can make her a little of both, deep thought and passion with Scorpio and extroversion, balance, and justice with Libra.

Scorpios, according to ScreenRant, like teasing others and winning arguments but are also turned off by “dishonesty, inauthenticity, and unreliability.”

Libras can be intelligent, persuasive, and frank which can work well with a Scorpio/Libra cusp.

Unfortunately, other people often find Scorpios to be harsh.

1000-Lb. Sisters: Leos Despise Neglect

Being born on July 27, 1986, in Kentucky, Tammy is also very close to a cusp, but one of Cancer/Leo.

Leos are fire signs with somewhat fiery personalities whereas Cancer is a water sign, which can add a certain calmness to a mix of the two making them somewhat timid, sensitive, and even empathic while, at the same time, confident and enthusiastic.

Leo is represented by “The Lion” and it is a fixed fire sign and is one of six planets ruled by the Sun and not a planet.

Leos are memorable for being fond of the arts, good times with friends, and fame.

Conversely, Leos despise not receiving admiration and/or being neglected.

1000-Lb. Sisters: Tammy and Amy’s Zodiac Signs Clash?

1000-Lb. Sisters: The Zodiac Can Explain Their Chemistry

Looking at these two signs and knowing what we know about the reality stars’ personalities we can begin to see how the influences can play out in their relationship dynamic.

Although the two are close we know that things between the two haven’t always been peaches and cream.

Tammy’s dependence on Amy and her husband Michael Halterman has been a major straining point.

Tammy, as a Leo, can be arrogant and demanding but Amy’s Scorpio ensures that she will always nurture her most important bonds, per ScreenRant.

One thing is certain, a look into their astrology can begin to explain the strong chemistry between the two.

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