Adam Busby Explains Why He And Danielle Return To Playa Mujeres  

Adam Busby Explains Why He And Danielle Return To Playa MujeresAdam Busby and his wife Danielle often reveal to OutDaughtered that they take vacations. One of their favorite destinations is Mexico. Actually, when they travel, critics usually troll them for it. However, this weekend, it seemed that fans now understand that it helps to keep their relationship good.

Adam Busby And Danielle At Excellence Playa Mujeres

When OutDaughtered critics saw that Danielle Busby took a break in spring after they wrapped filming Season 8, they slammed her. That came because she left Adam alone with the kids. However, it wasn’t for long. Plus, fans saw in the show that the kids really tired her out. Additionally, she struggled with some health issues. Then, when she vacationed again in summer, people started trolling her Instagram.

Adam Busby and Danielle also squeezed in a vacation to El Dorado Royale Riviera Maya in Cancun. More OutDaughtered fans slipped in nasty comments about vacations and the kids. However, Adam and Danielle explained in their various seasons, that they need time to stay strong as a couple. They argue that happy parents make for a happy family. Well, maybe the message gets across now. In his latest post about Mexico, trolls seemed noticeably absent.

Adam Busby Talks About Returning To Mexico

On September 18, Adam shared a few photos with OutDaughtered fans on his personal Instagram account. The first couple of pictures revealed them in a loving pose. Behind them, the swimming pool looked gorgeous. Above them, palm trees stood against an orange sunset. Then in another photo, they dressed in their swimsuits. In his caption, Adam explained why they love going there over and over again.

Adam Busby captioned his post with, “We had such an awesome past few days at @excellenceplayamujeres! We keep coming back because they never disappointed in the last 5 trips that we have gone there.” Additionally, it seems they are not the only people who love the place. He added, “Congrats on getting voted the #1 hotel in Mexico by happy patrons on Trip Advisor!

Fans Discuss The Vacation

OutDaughtered fans discussed the vacation in the comments. For a change, hardly any trolls turned up. Mind you, one fan confessed they felt a bit envious. They wrote their best wishes and didn’t say anything nasty to them. However, they admitted they get a bit “jealous.”

Adam Busby Explains Why He And Danielle Return To Playa Mujeres  

Meanwhile, another fan noted, “What a great example you guys are for healthy marriages!! Taking trips and dating each other equals a happy marriage and family!! ❤️❤️”

Similar comments followed. Even those people who struggle for any sort of vacation love the idea of just getting away together to rekindle the sparks.

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