B&B Spoilers: Paris and Zende Cash Over Finn and Steffy- Will Their Relationship Suffer?

B&B Spoilers: Paris and Zende Cash Over Finn and Steffy- Will Their Relationship Suffer?The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers hint that there might be a clash between Paris (Diamond White) and Zende (Delon de Metz) in upcoming episodes of the Bold and the Beautiful. Finn Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) have been going through some drama ever since Finn’s birth mother reentered the Forrester’s lives.

Especially since Finn has been wanting to know who his birth mother was since he was a child. As viewers may remember, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) reentered the scene on the day of Finn and Steffy’s wedding. Finn was excited to see that his birth mother had come on the most exciting day of his life.

Shelia Returns

However, this moment was ruined when everyone learned of Shelia’s reappearance and that she was the mother of Finn. After the wedding, everyone thought that Shelia had left and that it would be the end of having to deal with her. However, after receiving a response to her message from Finn, she decided that she wanted a deeper relationship with her son and grandson.

This will cause more problems for the couple as they begin to have different ways of dealing with Shelia. Although they won’t be the only ones who will have a different viewpoint on Sheila as lines will be drawn in the sand between the relationship between Paris and Zenda.

B&B Spoilers: Paris and Zende Cash Over Finn and Steffy- Will Their Relationship Suffer?

Does Paris have Mommy Issues?

As viewers know Paris has been staying with the newlywed couple and bonding with Finn recently so it’s no surprise that she is taking his side when it comes to him wanting a relationship with his mom.

However, Zende does not feel that way and is very vocal about how he thinks Steffy is in the right. He thinks that Shelia should stay away from their family especially the family that Steffy has built with Finn. He thinks that Paris will agree with him but is surprised when she takes a different stance. This leads him to imply that Paris may actually have a crush on Finn.

Paris doesn’t see things the same way as Zende does and is 100 percent on Finn’s side in this situation. She wants Zende to see things from Finn’s point of view. Should he really be kept away from having a relationship with his birth mother? However, this difference of opinion might be the breaking point of their relationship.
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  2. globee says

    When Paris first appeared I was okay with her, bu know she has turned into the kind of person ho is despicable. I hope that the writers don’t take us on a long ride before Paris is exposed for the kind of person she is. My guess is that Paris will eventually work with Sheila to help get Finn and Hayes into Sheila’s life. Zende should get rid of Paris NOW, their relationship will not go anywhere but down from now on.

    1. Dg says

      Totally agree. Drop this nosy busybody

  3. Karen says

    Paris is after Finn. Newly Weds need privacy not a blabber mouthed snitch living with them. Paris had her sisters apt. She needed to stay there! Get rid of her! Sheila turns my stomach. You had to bring her back & make her Finns Mother? How disgusting! You just could’t leave Steffy & Finn be happy! Get some new writers! writers!!

  4. Dg says

    When they first brought in Paris I liked her. But they have turned her into a skank. Get rid of her and Sheila. If not. I will not be watching

  5. Marla says

    Yes the more I watch b&b the more disgusting I am getting Paris is no different than Zoe she has a good man but wants more that’s What Zoe did and Paris told her she was doing wrong and Shelia is one that will never change why keep bringing her back on is stupid since most viewers don’t like her why can’t she leave the Forrester family alone fixing to stop watching it’s always the same story line just getting to where I don’t watch as much

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